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24 Thu, 2011 § 9 Comments

I am sort of annoyed with this “earn your carbs” mentality I have come across recently; so instead of ranting, I decided to share one of my favorite carb snacks.

I like air-popped, because then I can drizzle it with melted coconut oil.  You can also pop it over the stove in oil though.  Let me know if you need specs for the stove top method.

My current obsession is sprinkling maca powder over it, which is reminiscent of butter scotch, along with sea salt.

I first read about maca in Thrive & started adding it to my recovery coconut-hemp drinks.  It can help reduce cortisol levels caused by stress, which will aid in recovery & repair from physical exertion [aka exercise].  It’s boasted to help achieve greater strength, energy & stamina.  The difference for me has been subtle but noticeable.

Faith recently revealed how easy it is to make my own herb salts though, so my popcorn might just get fancy.  What herbs would be good on popcorn?  Ideas?


Rather than “earn your carbs”…let’s try, “earn your sweat” or “earn your body’s love”.

Yesterday, I had my own personal, long-distance trainer. 

Natalie set me up with a grueling circuit with this exercise challenge.  I almost backed out, because my stomach felt off when I got home.  I decided giving it a try & pushing through might be worth it & make me feel better.  It was, & I did.

Circuit Training x 3 rounds

  • Push Ups to fatigue (start on toes, when fatigued – keep going on knees) ~ 15-15 / 17-10 / 15-12
  • Squat Jumps to Squats (jumping squats to fatigue – switch to prisoner squats) ~ 21-31 / 25-30 / 26-30
  • Pull Ups (true – assisted) ~ 4-10 / 13-12 / 3.5-10
  • 1 min High-Knees (both legs up = 1) – 1 min Lateral Hops – 1 min Jump Rope ~ 94-63-150 / 84-70-153 / 88-70-149
  • Jumping Lunges to Regular Lunges (once fatigued jumping – switch to reg.) ~ 30-30 across the board
  • Bicep Curl & Overhead Press (as many as you can) ~ 2, 10#s ~ 20 across the board
  • 1 minute Mountain Climbers ~ 67 / 66 / 73 (both legs forward = 1 count)
  • 3-way Lateral Raises (Palms facing forward ~ 5#s, backward ~ 2#s & floor ~ 5#, 10-12 each) ~ I did 10 each for all 3 rounds
  • 5 Plank Ups Downs (each side) – start in plank, come down to elbows in a “walking” motion, come back up
  • 15 Burpees (without push up)
  • Tricep Dips to fatigue ~ 30 / 30 / 25
  • 25 Tuck Ups* (lay on your back with feet & arms out straight; bring knees to chest & upper body off ground)

*Wasn’t sure how to do these, so I did static butt raises instead.

This sucked – in a good way. 😉  One of the great aspects of this circuit was how Natalie alternated the exercises.  The more weight-focused exercises provided just enough of a rest as I caught my breath but still continued to work specific muscles to fatigue.  Changing it up like this never gave my body a chance to adapt, which is how I like it: drenched, grunting & pushing through the whole time.

Thank.You.Natalie.  Why do you have to live so far away again?

Give her circuit a go or check out one of her many workouts @ FollowMyFitSteps.com.

p.s.  Whole food carb sources are ok.  Obviously, don’t go crazy, & avoid processed stuff, but eating balanced means not beating yourself up over a bowl of quinoa.  I mean, c’mon people!

We all do this from time to time, but I do not like instilling an “earn my food” mentality & prefer to view, appreciate & relish in food as fuel.


What are your thoughts on earning your carbs/food?

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§ 9 Responses to Earn It

  • Ashley says:

    I really enjoy putting old bay seasoning on my popcorn. As you know, I’m a bit obsessed with old bay 🙂 Air popped popcorn is a great snack and also wonderful dog treats!

    I think the idea of earning your carbs is simply insane. The majority of your caloric intake should be coming from carbohydrates, they are your body’s fuel! They provide your minerals, vitamins, fiber, and complex energy for sustenance throughout the day. Our brains LIVE off of carbs. The difference is in foods that are high in processed, refined calories as they provide very little nutrition and aren’t healthy options. I recommend going to http://www.mypyramid.gov/mypyramid/index.aspx and finding out what the recommendations are for your age, activity level, etc. Malnutrition from lack of adequate carbohydrates is NOT something that will aid in fitness levels. Most of us ‘fitness’ nuts get too much protein and use it to replace out our needed carbs. Ok–rant over 🙂 Now I want popcorn!

    • Allie says:

      Well said! I knew you’d have an appropriate, intelligent rant. It is driving me crazy a certain fitness blog is stuck on this “earn it” idea. Anyone who is active at all knows we absolutely crash [energy-wise] without sufficient carbs for energy. I do anyway…& my brain gets fuzzy.
      I still haven’t tried old bay! 😛

  • Natalie says:

    Air popped popcorn is my one of my favorite “carby” snacks too! I am boring and like mine plain 🙂

    I’m so proud that you did the circuit! Nice work, girl…you’re awesome. I only wish we could have done it together!

    I am not sure I could articulate my feelings on earning your carbs (which I may start calling “earning your quinoa”) in the limited space provided, ha ha. I am a firm believer in eating quality carbs, for sure! Your body AND your brain need ’em.

    • Allie says:

      Like plain plain? Whatever suits your fancy! 😉
      I agree with quality carbs as well — you said it: our bodies & brains NEED them — plus, we should be careful of leaning too far into that “deprivation zone” & how we view eating [I think you know what I mean].
      I wish we had been able to do the circuit together too; I could have used pressure to reach true fatigue on a couple exercises.

  • dina says:

    Air popped popcorn is my favorite snack. I have to limit myself because I always want it! But a couple of times a week with hot sauce is my favorite. With cholula, tabasco, whatever is around. It’s fabulous!

    I also did a very hard workout yesterday and had some popcorn in the afternoon, it was great! I was full until dinner time! If you’re an active person, carbs and sugars from real food (like popcorn or dates or coconuts) is fine.

    Although this vegan brownie I’m having……. well whatever, sometimes a girl needs a yummy brownie!

    • Ashley says:

      carbs and sugars from real food is always fine 😉 no matter if you are active or not so active. Brownies sound delicious!

    • Allie says:

      Hot sauce — good thinking! Is the brownie from Sage’s? Sage’s makes the best vegan brownie, period. They sell them at the Tea Grotto…aw, the Tea Grotto.

  • Julia says:

    The whole “earn your carbs” or any food in general is disordered and dangerous in my opinion. I think that way of thinking leads to more disordered thoughts and behaviors. Ashley made a very good point – your brain needs carbs, without them you cannot function properly. Our bodies deserve carbohydrates for breathing 🙂

    My body responds better to clean eating with occasional treats than it does to eating rules and feeling like I have to do something else in order to deserve a certain type of food.

    And now I’ll hop off my soapbox and just say thank you for writing this! I appreciate your willingness to disagree with ideas.

    That workout sounds killer! Great job finding the motivation to do it!

    • Allie says:

      Thanks for hopping on your soapbox! It makes me feel better to know so many of you have healthy, beautiful relationships with food & your bodies.

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