What I Ate, Wednesday [Post]

13 Wed, 2011 § 4 Comments

Technically, this is “What I Ate” Tuesday.

My blogging preference is specific highlighted meals, recipes, thoughts & foods…rather than a run-down of a daily menu; a friend coaxed me into sharing a day’s worth of my eats though, so here you have it!

After an early morning HIIT workout, Dave treated me to another one of his amazing recovery drinks.

Hemp & Pumpkin Spiced Latte Smoothie

Interested in my short, intense workout?

It was a good one.

Each exercise or set equals 4 minutes before moving on to the next.

  • Scorpion Flips – 50 seconds max effort; 10 seconds rest (4 rounds)

Alternate between the following two exercises for 4 minutes with no rests, (6 rounds total):

  • Chatarunga plus alternate lifting each leg [20 seconds]
  • (Without using arms, roll onto back)
  • Alternating One-Leg Toe Touches [20 seconds]
  • Skater Lunges – 50 seconds max effort; 10 seconds rest (2 rounds each side, 4 rounds total)
  • One-Arm Side-Lying Tricep Press Ups [alternate doing 20 seconds each arm, no rests, 6 rounds — meaning each arm gets worked 6 times]

A couple hours later,

Kamut Berry Salad with flax seed oil, sea salt & a splash of champagne vinegar

curbed morning hunger.

I packed lime-squeezed jicama slices along with a little leftover sauteed escarole with caramelized shallots, chickpeas & currants, piled over mixed greens for a mid-day snack.

This was pretty light, so it was shortly followed by

two pieces of toasted  millet bread alongside roasted red beets from our CSA drizzled in balsamic & just a touch of honey.

I keep a water bottle with me at all times — except when I lose one, which I am infamous for doing — & try to stay hydrated; most days, all I drink is water, maybe tea.  Yesterday I only did so-so & should have refilled this guy a couple more times.  Good thing Natalie posted some tips!

To refuel after my jog to the climbing gym after work,

I enjoyed a local orange while I waited outside on the bench for Dave.

The cool, fresh air felt nice,

as did bouldering.

Post-climbing, I snacked on a lemon zest Luna bar, with chalky hands & all.

Luna bars were on a great sale & are like a treat for me sometimes, but most flavors are too sweet.  They are a better option than many bars, but I don’t like that they are processed & use evaporated cane juice.  I would like to find or make a better, whole-food alternative.  Any suggestions?  (other than Lara bars)

For dinner, we made Serrano Pepper & Shallot Fajitas on Ezekiel tortillas.

Portobellos & cashew cheese for me; steak cooked in red wine with fresh mozzarella for Dave.

Oh ~ & a small piece of homemade “raw” chocolate before bed…because I can. 😉

I told you, I like to eat often; I feel best when I eat a lot of small “meals” throughout the day.

Though my favorite blogs aren’t the “here is what I ate”-variety, sometimes it is fun to see what other active, health-minded people eat throughout the day & snag an idea or two — so let me know if you share your own “What I Ate” Wednesday  post!

Biker Girl

3 Thu, 2011 § 8 Comments

Eisley was having such a difficult time adjusting to me working full time, I decided I needed to find someone to check in on her during the days she is alone.  Rather than having someone simply let her out & give her a little attention, we thought a run a couple times a week would do her good.  She’s big energy in a little package after all.   After taking her for a short evaluation run, our guy from Marathon Dogs said a short run might not be enough & suggested we let him try biking with her.  She has been on a few trails with us while mountain biking, but had never run on leash next to the bike.  After promising he would be very careful & patient with her, I consented.

Yesterday was her first run!  She did great & one of the wonderful things about Marathon Dogs is he sends a follow up email immediately following the run to let us know how it went.  I love this.  He started her off slowly, just walking next to the bike until she was really comfortable with it.  She took to it right away; soon he was pedaling, & she was running!  He was even able to tell me her mileage & preferred & top pace.

She was still as excited & energetic as ever when we got home…so much for an exhausted puppy. 😉  He will be increasing her run time throughout their following sessions.  I hope she is having fun.

[She was not nearly this tuckered out; this old photo makes me anxious for summer & miss climbing in American Fork Canyon in Utah.]

[photo by David Finch]

Because her skin is thin, the harness has a tendency to chafe when she runs.  I need to find an Iggy-specific harness, fully padded on the straps.  Any recommendations?

Eisley got her workout in, so Dave & I decided to do something short before dinner — it was my turn to make it up.  I was not going to share this because I was not thrilled with it, but I am hoping you can help me.  I really like the concept of no rests, alternating between the lower body wall sits & an upper body or core exercise.  However, this was not challenging enough.  Don’t get me wrong — 8 minutes worth of wall sits seriously burned toward the end; the in-between exercises were not hard enough though.

We did 2 sets:

  • Wall Sit – 60 seconds
  • Pike Press – 30 seconds
  • Wall Sit – 60 seconds
  • Seated Bicycle – 30 seconds
  • Wall Sit – 60 seconds
  • Hanging Knee Raises – 30 seconds
  • Wall Sit – 60 seconds
  • Tricep exercise – 30 seconds [Dave did Dips; I did Tricep Push Ups]

I like the tricep push ups & hanging knee raises, though I could have gone for 1 minute.  30 seconds just didn’t seem long enough for any of the workouts, so I could increase the time or do a set # of reps rather than a specific time.  I am actually thinking doing each to fatigue would be the way to go.  Thoughts?  Oh, & how can I make the pike press/push ups more challenging?  I switched to one-leg which seemed pretty good.  I realize I could just do a more standard push up, but I like rotating pike presses into my workouts because they work a different aspect of the shoulder.

Since we did not feel worked enough, we finished up with extra sets of these workouts & played around with some others.  Dave likes to make up challenges — & he invented the best tricep partner exercise!  We may have to find a way to record it on video though, rather than try to explain.

Finally it was time for dinner.

Deconstructed Baked Potatoes

I love trying to deconstruct dishes recently — breaking down components to develop & rethink the flavor of each ingredient, like enhancing these simple potatoes with fancy lavender salt.  We also topped the roasted, red potatoes with tempeh [me], real [Dave] bacon, chives & added a big dollop of Greek yogurt.  I was never a huge fan of sour cream on my potatoes, but the yogurt was extremely satisfying & cooling with the potatoes & herbs.

p.s. The first time I tried Fage Greek Yogurt, I accidentally bought 2% rather than non-fat & never looked back.  I already feel guilty having dairy, & since the craving usually only hits every three weeks or so, I make sure it’s worth it. 😉


Your yogurt: is it full fat or fat free?

Do you run or bike with your dog?  Do you have a great, padded harness you can recommend?

Please, help me with this workout!

Waiting on the Shore

1 Tue, 2011 § 5 Comments

My favorite photo from Dave’s trip.

Santa Barbara, CA ~ David Finch

Dave inspires me.  Dave motivates me.

I wanted to work out this morning…but I didn’t want to…& was running out of time anyway.  Even though he took the day off, he offered to drive me to work rather than sleep in.  This gave me a bit more time to fit in a work out — no excuses now, especially after he created this short workout to wake me up too.

Do the following set twice:

  • 2 x Pull Up
  • 2 x Chin Up
  • 2 x Pull Up
  • 2 x Chin Up
  • 10 x Mt. Climbers
  • 10 x Chaturanga Run
  • 10 x Mt. Climbers
  • 10 x Chaturanga Run
  • 25 x Hamstring Curl on yoga ball
  • 10 x Burpees [first set only]
  • 30 X Ball Swings* with 12# medicine ball [second set only]

*like kettlebell swings but with a medicine ball
I completed this in 9:20.  Short & intense.

Cool down consisted of a variation of Sun Salutations through Warrior II, with added tricep push ups before transitioning to downdog; included pigeon pose & ended in Child’s pose.


Dave’s photos make me excited for summer traveling.  Do you have any plans for upcoming trips?

Earn It

24 Thu, 2011 § 9 Comments

I am sort of annoyed with this “earn your carbs” mentality I have come across recently; so instead of ranting, I decided to share one of my favorite carb snacks.

I like air-popped, because then I can drizzle it with melted coconut oil.  You can also pop it over the stove in oil though.  Let me know if you need specs for the stove top method.

My current obsession is sprinkling maca powder over it, which is reminiscent of butter scotch, along with sea salt.

I first read about maca in Thrive & started adding it to my recovery coconut-hemp drinks.  It can help reduce cortisol levels caused by stress, which will aid in recovery & repair from physical exertion [aka exercise].  It’s boasted to help achieve greater strength, energy & stamina.  The difference for me has been subtle but noticeable.

Faith recently revealed how easy it is to make my own herb salts though, so my popcorn might just get fancy.  What herbs would be good on popcorn?  Ideas?


Rather than “earn your carbs”…let’s try, “earn your sweat” or “earn your body’s love”.

Yesterday, I had my own personal, long-distance trainer. 

Natalie set me up with a grueling circuit with this exercise challenge.  I almost backed out, because my stomach felt off when I got home.  I decided giving it a try & pushing through might be worth it & make me feel better.  It was, & I did.

Circuit Training x 3 rounds

  • Push Ups to fatigue (start on toes, when fatigued – keep going on knees) ~ 15-15 / 17-10 / 15-12
  • Squat Jumps to Squats (jumping squats to fatigue – switch to prisoner squats) ~ 21-31 / 25-30 / 26-30
  • Pull Ups (true – assisted) ~ 4-10 / 13-12 / 3.5-10
  • 1 min High-Knees (both legs up = 1) – 1 min Lateral Hops – 1 min Jump Rope ~ 94-63-150 / 84-70-153 / 88-70-149
  • Jumping Lunges to Regular Lunges (once fatigued jumping – switch to reg.) ~ 30-30 across the board
  • Bicep Curl & Overhead Press (as many as you can) ~ 2, 10#s ~ 20 across the board
  • 1 minute Mountain Climbers ~ 67 / 66 / 73 (both legs forward = 1 count)
  • 3-way Lateral Raises (Palms facing forward ~ 5#s, backward ~ 2#s & floor ~ 5#, 10-12 each) ~ I did 10 each for all 3 rounds
  • 5 Plank Ups Downs (each side) – start in plank, come down to elbows in a “walking” motion, come back up
  • 15 Burpees (without push up)
  • Tricep Dips to fatigue ~ 30 / 30 / 25
  • 25 Tuck Ups* (lay on your back with feet & arms out straight; bring knees to chest & upper body off ground)

*Wasn’t sure how to do these, so I did static butt raises instead.

This sucked – in a good way. 😉  One of the great aspects of this circuit was how Natalie alternated the exercises.  The more weight-focused exercises provided just enough of a rest as I caught my breath but still continued to work specific muscles to fatigue.  Changing it up like this never gave my body a chance to adapt, which is how I like it: drenched, grunting & pushing through the whole time.

Thank.You.Natalie.  Why do you have to live so far away again?

Give her circuit a go or check out one of her many workouts @ FollowMyFitSteps.com.

p.s.  Whole food carb sources are ok.  Obviously, don’t go crazy, & avoid processed stuff, but eating balanced means not beating yourself up over a bowl of quinoa.  I mean, c’mon people!

We all do this from time to time, but I do not like instilling an “earn my food” mentality & prefer to view, appreciate & relish in food as fuel.


What are your thoughts on earning your carbs/food?

sweating the home workout

29 Fri, 2010 § 4 Comments

I am in love with Tea`d Oats

& this combination is my favorite so far.

Ambrosia Plum [from zhena’s gypsy tea] with cranberries, almond butter & hemp seeds.

The subtly sweet & flowery strawberry leaves, rose pedals & plum of the tea is nicely contrasted with the ever-so-tart,  apple-sweetened cranberries.

I made it just like my [honeybush]brewed blueberry oats here, which I forgot to mention that I added 1T ground flaxseed toward the end of cooking the oats.

My next bowl will likely be “brewed” in a nice gingerbread rooibos…I wish I hadn’t just finished off the rest of my dried figs today


Different Breakfasts: Fun!  Different Lifestyle: FUN!  Different Workouts: fun?

I am missing my gym in SLC.  Formerly a hater of weight training, now I am devoted…& without my quad press, rowing machine, vast selection of dumbbells & other various gym assets that were once taken for granted. 😦

Now, I am trying to find the right workout combinations & exercises I can do at home for similar “weight-resistant” results.  I love Tabata-style HIIT [high intensity interval training] centered around bodyweight exercises [like burpees, mt climbers, etc].  Holly talks about HIIT & its benefits here, which I can absolutely vouch as being right on; but I have found if I only do these, I sort of plateau in strength & definition.

Typically my upper limb day at the gym was a predictable makeup of curls, extensions & focus on rotator cuff & deltoid muscles.

I feel good about the at-home upper limb workout adaption I did Tuesday & am confident I can continue variations on this with good results.

[You can find my daily workouts on “the way she moves” page.]

  1. “super set” 3×10
  2. Infra Ext. Rotation with resistance band
  3. Supra Abduction [side extention] with resistance band
  1. Bicep Curl with resistance band 3×10
  2. Chin Ups 3×10
  1. Tricep Plank ~51 seconds
  2. Tricep Push Ups 3×10
  3. Skull Crushers 10# 3×10
  1. Core “super set” 3x
  2. Laying Leg Lifts with 8# medicine ball x10
  3. Reverse Crunch & Butt Lift x15
  1. “super set” 3×10
  2. Tin Cans 5#
  3. Anterior Delt. Internal Rotations 2#

I am worried about my lower limb workout though [as well as rhomboids & chest] & already feel I am losing definition.

My back should be fine with all the pull ups & climbing I am doing right now.  Dave had a couple ideas for chest, plus I do a lot of push ups.  Hamstrings I can stress enough with yoga ball curls & one-legged squats…I can probably figure something out for calve lifts…but my quads sure miss the press machine at the gym.  I am just not sure how I am going to stress them enough with resistance.

Biking more is the first thing that comes to mind.  Since I am not currently bike-commuting [like I was in SLC], my pedal time can be fun time & training time again rather than just travel time.  I just need to find some nice, sustained climbs to get the burn going.

Yesterday morning, Dave & I found some fun “roller coaster” hills.  They were short though & needed a second lap to really feel the burn. The first time through & back, I geared down & kept the revolutions smooth & quick.  The second time, I kept it in high gears & pushed through standing climbs, still keeping it smooth but wanting to power through.

I think if I find some nice long climbs, I will gain that definition back & build strength in my legs again.  I would like to aim at cycling ~2 – 3 Xs a week.  DB[dumbbell] Swings are another good full-body exercise that really engage the quads.  I also have a couple resistance bands I can incorporate into exercises, & there is a YMCA in town [~20mi away] we can drop in for a day pass occasionally.

Any advice or tips [quads, chest, rhomboids especially] would really be appreciated!


After biking, I had a strange craving.  This may sound weird & reminiscent of a “Janetha combination” — which I totally get by the way — but it was so good & just what my body wanted.

Buttery Pinto Beans & Basil Cottage Cheese Open-Face

You know I generally stick to plant-based eating, but I have been having cottage cheese cravings this week & am a fan of listening to my body.  Cottage cheese & greek yogurt usually sit better with me than other dairy — it must be the probiotics that aid in digestion — so we will just have to see what happens.

I heated & mashed leftover pinto beans with earth balance & spread it over a toasted Ezekiel english muffin.  Stirring together basil & cottage cheese, I topped that over the beans & added a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper.


As anyone tried the tea`d oats yet?  Any fantastic combination I should try next?

What are your favorite at home workouts?  Any tips on how I can get more “weight-resistance” type workouts [ie muscle building] in with limited weights?

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