Allie Walks This Road

Hi, I’m Allie.

My passions are ever changing & expanding & range from rock climbing to kayaking…cycling…yoga…pilates… food…travel… bodywork…writing…music…

I am not interested in “waiting” to live, working 20+ years, banking on retirement to finally have a chance at the life I’ve always dreamed.

Life is Now.

We have decided how we would like to embrace life & the aspects, like climbing & travel, that truly enhance the experience rather than distract.  Aiming for a happy, simple life, we are figuring out the basic needs & luxuries we cannot live without & those we can.

In an attempt to live, we bridled our fears & hesitations

& Leaped.

We left our jobs in Utah & moved to Arizona.  The only safety net: a sister to stay with for a couple months while we explore, establish income & decide if we would like to stay for awhile.

Who is the “we”?

I share my life with my beautiful husband, Dave, who is the most centered & extraordinary person — & hot 😉


Our cherished family:

A spastic & entertaining pup, Eisley [Eyes-Lee], is the most recent addition to our family.  She makes my day, every day.

You already love her, don’t you?

Her gorgeous brother, Bodhi [Boh-Dee], is the most needy cat you will ever meet.  We have to pick him up & hold him when we get home, otherwise he just follows us around & meows…& meows…& MEOWS 😀

Dave’s companion for over 4 years, Bodhi would often wake him in the morning, run & jump in the middle of a “cactus” crown of thorns plant; then just sit & stare out the window as if meditating on a bed of nails.  The name “Bodhi” just seemed to fit.


A.Road.More.Balanced is meant as an encouragement & outlet while on our road to a balanced, healthy & happy life.

I never realized how much I would love the blogging community.  Thanks for sharing this with me.  I hope we become friends, share insights & inspire one another.

Happy Living! 🙂

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