Love Only

1 Wed, 2010 § Leave a comment

While desperately scouring antique stores yesterday for the match to a gift for my grandpa, I came across a reminder…

a reminder of the couple I never want to be.

She was rude & condescending.

He was submissive & defensive.

She berated him repeatedly for such minor things; one of them being “stealing her food” which he had bought & brought in for them to share.  She was completely livid at this thought.  He seemed lost.  He seemed sad.  She seemed habitually annoyed.

She was a seller setting up her booth.  They have been together 21 years.  I know this because “after 21 years he still doesn’t know what will set her off” [she actually said something to this extent].

All I thought was, “wow, you’ve been like this for 21 years?”

Obviously it was a bit awkward being there…but there was this adorable pin behind glass across the aisle!

The terrifying thing?  I see this woman in myself occasionally — to a much smaller extent of course…I’m never a cruel, B. 😉

Seriously though, I know there are many beautiful couples out there whose love has only grown over the years…but I see a lot of older, snipish, mean women with their husbands.  Why is this?

It might seem harsh, but I’m harsh when it comes to people treating those they are supposed to love more than anything like they despise them.

I am not actually afraid of becoming this couple…but sometimes it is good to witness that reminder…so you can strive to love only.

Even if this reminder makes me really, really sad.


What are you going to do today to show those you love that you actually love them?

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