Love My Body

21 Thu, 2010 § 6 Comments

Yesterday was National Love Your Body Day [there is a “national” day for everything, isn’t there?].

I have been thinking about my body all day.

I love my body.

I still struggle with body image just like anybody else — some days more so than others — but why would I ever want to do anything unkind to my body which is so incredible?


I love my smile & how my whole body feels when I laugh.

I love how my eyes can sparkle — how do I make that happen more often? 😉

I love my scars — they are proof that I have lived.

My body is strong & capable of taking me to amazing & beautiful places.

My body went from not being able to pull myself up the easiest climbs to projecting difficult slabs.

My body’s intuition is amazing — it always whispers when something is not quite right — I just have to listen.

My body is amazing at healing itself when sick or injured & works its hardest when I am not — when I am sleeping!

My body adapts to whatever I throw at it.

My body is so much stronger than I think it is — it always pushes out one more rep or one more move or one more mile when I think I am spent.

I feel my body’s love, even if I have not always loved it.


Tell me why you love your body!

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§ 6 Responses to Love My Body

  • dina says:

    Word to that Allie!!!!! You should definitely love your body you treat it like a temple and it rewards you! To answer your question….
    Even though I might some days think my body isn’t all that special because I’m not ripped or super muscular, my body does everything I want it to!
    Today my body took me on a beautiful hike into the mountains and stretched through a sweaty yoga session and didn’t give up.
    It enjoyed the food I put in its belly after a long day of exercise.
    My body takes me fabulous places (like today).
    My body lets me do the funnest things ever, like climb rocks and ski in fluffy snow.
    My body enjoys sweet tasting fruit, woo hoo!!!
    My body is me and when I treat it well, it helps me to do everything I could ever imagine. I should be more grateful!

  • Nancy says:

    I just found your site – since you commented on mine yesterday. This entry had me in,because I’ve been climbing for (omg) 15 years, and obviously your bouldeirng photo took me by surprise. YAY!!!

    • Allie says:

      15 years? WOW. Outdoors or mostly indoors? Where have you climbed & how did you get into it? Too bad you don’t live near Squamish; I think we’ll eventually make it that way. We just moved & the locale [AZ] was primarily based on climbing destinations. I just spend my first day bouldering in Priest Draw [near Flagstaff]; I’m in love. 🙂 We’ll be climbing outdoor a lot more because the indoor gym here is $16!! for a day pass & has a $200!! “membership” fee for the both of us [this does not include our monthly fees] — ouch.
      I’m so glad the photo caught your eye!

  • Nancy says:

    I now know why my friends from Newfoundland moved to BC. I’ve been there twice (2009, 2010) for Ironman Canada (not me – the boyfriend). Seeing everything just made me realize why everyone moved there. I was kind of near Skaha Bluffs, ever heard of that spot?

    I was mainly into indoor climbing and I know that’s lame for people who love to climb outdoors. But I actually liked bouldering outside as well.

    I got into climbing when I was a kid. My brothers buddy from school, his Mom opened up the climbing gym. My brother was excited about it and I went in one day and I was the one who got addicted to it – not him. Strange how it all worked out. But it was a nice tight-knit, very laid back group of people who climbed there. Met so many great close friends. I miss home 🙂

    • Allie says:

      Indoor climbing does not make you lame — it makes you strong! I have missed training in the gym…I do love climbing outdoors though. They are such different elements for being the “same” activity.
      Glad you have good things to say about BC; I hope we make it there. I am not sure about Skaha Bluffs; I’ll have to look it up.

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