I Am the Most Important Person

7 Sun, 2010 § 7 Comments

My grandpa told me so.

He never had to say it; I just always knew.

It was pretty obvious by the way he acted [& he still acts this way]. 😉

As far back as I can remember – even before the year that big, yellow bus started picking me up – I would scamper down the street bright & early.  His house – only a block away – seemed far to my little eyes & feet; but not too far, because no distance is too far when it comes to grandpa.  Two quick, cursory taps on the door, & I rushed inside, met by an intoxicating haze of coffee aroma…& grandpa’s smile.

No one else in the world existed.

We sat together, alone in the universe, inside our fragrant halo.

He listened to my childish enthusiasm & storytelling like it was the most incredible thing he had ever heard.

He recounted narratives of his own life & shared secrets meant for only me.

His stories were still are the most fascinating.

I sat enraptured, miniature legs dangling over the edge of the stool, while sipping coffee by the spoonfuls.  Gingerly dipping butter cookies into the rich, dark liquid, I let them slowly dissolve & fill my mouth as I soaked in his stories…his life…& our time.

Keep in mind I grew up in rural Utah, where coffee-drinking is generally considered taboo.  Grandpa’s house was likely one of the only homes in town where a brewed pot could be found in the mornings.

And though you won’t find a pot brewing at my home now — I am actually more of a tea-sipper — I loved coffee’s bold taste from my first spoonful & savor the occasions I enjoy a nice cup.

Its distinct aroma always brings me back to mornings with grandpa.

…Love…Acceptance…a Sense of Belonging…

I have actually been feeling a bit homesick recently; it was just so fitting when Rachel asked for comfort food this week.

There are few things more beautiful & comforting than a cup of freshly-ground, freshly-brewed black coffee.

The only touch that enhances the moment…& soaking in the memory of grandpa…is a butter cookie.

I wanted to play around & see if I could create a dainty, oat-&-almond-based cookie with a buttery finish.


Crumbly [but not overly so]


& Nutty

These are a lovely accompaniment to a decadent cup of coffee or tea [one of my favorites is a nice Irish Breakfast Earl Grey from SLC’s Tea Grotto].

I would not claim these as traditional butter cookies but perhaps tea cookies.

[Mornings with Grandpa] Petit Butter Tea Cookies

[makes ~40 petit cookies]

  • ½ C Oats

In a food processor, grind to flour [if using whole almonds, grind to a meal at the same time]

  • ½ C Almonds [or heaping ½ C Almond Meal]
  • ½ C Spelt flour

Add spelt to ground oat & almond & blend briefly to combine.

  • ½ C Earth Balance butter, softened [actual butter may give these an even stronger, truer buttery finish]
  • 2 T Agave
  • 2 T Maple Syrup

In a separate bowl, combine & cream butter, agave & maple together.

Mix the wet ingredients into the dry until combined.

Chill in the fridge ~10 minutes.

Form into 1-inch balls & flatten onto a cookie sheet [they will be tiny].

Bake in a preheated 350*F oven for 10 minutes until lightly golden [don’t let the bottoms brown — they will still taste great, but just golden keeps a more delicate texture].

Carefully transfer to a cooling rack.

Enjoy with coffee or tea.


Dried or fresh lavender, lemon extract or vanilla extract would all be nice additions.

You can also add an almond before baking.

These are simple, come together quickly with minimal clean up [I use a Magic Bullet to make the “flours”] & are absolutely delightful.  They would be so cute to give as gifts in little holiday tins.

Dave was very impressed – even before he knew I was the creator – & his only concern was that it would be difficult not to eat them all.

Now all I need is grandpa’s approval.  🙂 Looks like I will be making more when we go home to visit next month.


What are your “comfort foods?  Have you ever recreated one of these, or do you stick to the classic?

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