Every Queen Needs Her Throne…

2 Mon, 2010 § 1 Comment

…& a collapsible, pop-out bed! 🙂

So when I saw this at Target, we just had to have it.  It is a Pop-Open Dog Kennel from SportPet.  We use it all of the time; it is perfect for travel, camping, etc.  It pops out to a nice, light & roomy bed for my little girl, but collapses down to the size of a dinner plate!

It comes in various sizes: we ended up with a large because she could not stand in the small, & they did not have a medium.  Measure your dog first to determine an appropriate size; also, the listed measurements of the pop outs are not exact, so round them down.

For only $25, this was a worthy purchase for us – even if collapsing it seems to be an acquired art – pay close attention the first time you pop it open.  It does get easier even if never effortless.

Keep in mind; it should only be used for crate-trained dogs & non-chewers.  Anxious dogs & this crate may not do well together.  Like I mentioned, it is extremely light & not necessarily uber durable; it could easily be ripped, flipped &/or destroyed [for only $25, you can’t expect it to withstand canine teeth, claws & rambunctiousness, right?].

When researching anything, I suggest paying more attention to reviews with low ratings. You will learn a lot more about a product from those who do not like it – I rarely give any credit to 5 star-ers – & determine if those are concerns for you.  This crate not holding up to anxious/rambunctious dogs & puppies seems to be the biggest complaint.

We really lucked out our angel is so perfect 😉  Just a little spastic & hyper-friendly sometimes; seriously, that is her flaw: she is too friendly & loves everybody.  Are we really going to deem this a flaw?  Even if she does not always love being in her crate, she is a pretty good girl about it.  Once though, she actually unzipped it.  Wiley minx 😉

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