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3 Wed, 2010 § 7 Comments

Today Dave came to me with some “bad news — actually two lots of bad news — & one of good”.

It mirrored my own morning, filled with two bits of bad & one good — really good.

I will give you mine in the order I opted to get it from Dave.


I do not love chocolate in my oats.  I ruined what was going to be a lovely bowl of Gingerbread Tea`d Oats [made with fragrant & flavorful gingerbread rooibos tea from SLC’s Tea Grotto] because I was tempted by the “chocolate brownie oats” fetish I have seen from time to time.  I added just a tiny spoonful of cacao powder to my cooking oats.  No thanks.  If I want a little chocolate in the morning, I just want a little & might consider tossing in a few bits of cacao nibs or dark chocolate pieces. My oats need not drowned in chocolate muck.

Not one to waste food that’s still “ok”, I finished it.  The chocolate left me feeling a bit heavy & the flavor, unsatisfied.  😦  Oh well, now I know.



I have a delicious recipe for you.  I even took a couple prep photos while cooking…but…

All of the photos were accidentally deleted due to miscommunication.  He didn’t mean to; he just thought I already had them.  😦  boo

Red Lentil Enchiladas with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

  • ½ C Red Lentils

Simmer in 1 C water ~20 – 30 minutes until cooked.

In a separate skillet, heat EVOO on medium heat.

  • 1 small red Onion, thinly sliced

Add to skillet & cook until soft, ~2 minutes.

  • 3 cloves Garlic, minced

Add & cook until fragrant.

  • 2 small Jalapenos, diced

Add & cook until Jalapenos are just tender.

Now, remember that delicious roasted red pepper cream sauce Christine used for the ravioli?  You can find Vegan Dad’s original recipe here.  I tweaked it a bit, adding

  • a touch of sea Salt
  • 1 – 2 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
  • a dash of Mirin cooking wine
  • 1 – 2 tsp Pasta Toss herb blend [oregano, basil, sun-dried tomatoes & garlic]

I thinned out ~½ cup of the sauce with a little water & added a couple spoonfuls to the bottom of a rectangular, lightly-oiled baking dish.

Mix the cooked lentils into the vegetable skillet & lower the heat.

Add most of the sauce to the lentil mixture & stir — reserving enough to top the enchiladas — allowing it to heat through for a couple minutes on low heat.

Meanwhile prep 3 – 4 tortillas.  I use Ezekiel brand sprouted tortillas, which aren’t as soft & malleable.  The trick: zap them in a microwave for ~30 seconds to soften them right up.

Spoon roasted pepper-lentil mixture into each tortilla, roll up & lay in prepared baking dish.

Top with remaining sauce & choice of cheese [we used some of our leftover vegan parmesan].

Bake in a preheated 350*F oven ~10 – 15 minutes, just long enough to toast the tortillas & melt the cheese.

Flavorful & delicious.  I wish I had photos.




the Good.

Dave’s news went like this:

“so…the first isn’t really bad news…but a confession:

I got you a present.”




Which should I go with?

“Second: I don’t have all of your present today.”

You mean I get more presents tomorrow?  So far, his “bad” isn’t all that bad.  😉





No more miscommunications leading to deleted photos.

Dave bought me my own SLR 🙂

The Nikon D60 to be precise.

Isn’t he the best?

I am absolutely spoiled,

a little guilt-ridden,



The lens will be here tomorrow…& that means bonding time with my new camera. 🙂


Do you ever feel a little guilty when someone gives you a very nice gift…just because?

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