Roasted `Caps with Sun-Dried Tomato Aioli

25 Fri, 2011 § 10 Comments

It is officially Spring, but she keeps dancing with Winter.

While I am starting to crave lighter & greener foods, I still want something I can sink my teeth into.

Can a dish be light & hearty simultaneously?

That doesn’t make sense, but maybe you know what I mean.

This open-face is just that meal.

It is also quite effortless.

Rub a couple portobell caps with olive oil & roast, round-side down, in the oven at 400*F for 8 – 10 minutes until soft.  Toast a couple slices of artisan bread: ciabatta or focaccia would be nice; we used a delicious sea salt & rosemary loaf from a local bread bakery.  Next come the greens.  I topped my toast with radicchio [the mushroom & aioli mellowed the greens, which complemented the sandwich really well!].  Dave used a milder, winter green mix.  Set your roasted cap on top of the greens & dust lightly with garlic powder [or rub garlic over your caps before roasting].  Dave melted a little French cheese over his cap [a cross between cheddar & parmesan].  Finally, top your cap with sun-dried tomato aioli.

Sun-Dried Tomato Aioli

[enough for 2 – 4 sandwiches]

Take ~12 sun-dried tomatoes & soak for 10 minutes if not already soft.  If they were stored in oil, rinse & squeeze of excess water.  Put in a food processor & chop well.  Add ~3 big spoonfuls of Vegenaise & pulse until combined well & at desired consistency.  Add 1/2 tsp dried oregano & a pinch of sea salt.  Pulse again.  Too easy! Adjust measurements according to your taste.

All that was missing on my sandwich were a couple slices of bacon avocado.  If you can get your hands on one, do it.  They are smooth & buttery; with just a little sea salt, they are heavenly over mochi waffles or toast.  Alas, my avocado was not quite ripe.

On my side: asparagus from our CSA, roasted perfectly with olive oil & sea salt at 400*F for about 10 – 12 minutes, tossing often.  Even Dave — the asparagus hater — said they turned out.  Score!

Off to bed because I have to work bright & early. 😦  It’s for a good cause though.  And it’s all fun & surprises after that!

Enjoy your weekend. 🙂


What are your Spring-Winter transition cravings?

Tinfoil Portabella Pizzas

12 Sun, 2010 § 3 Comments

Tinfoil dinners are generally a camping staple for us.  It is super easy to build a complete & delicious meal we simply chop & wrap beforehand; then toss gently place in the coals.

Patiently waiting for them to thoroughly cook through is the most difficult part ;).  Normally these are a pretty basic combination of chopped vegetables, meat for Dave, a little Earth Balance butter & some seasonings, but I wanted to make something a little different this time.



I am going to toss gently place these beauties in the fire?

Why not?  These Stuffed Portabella Pizzas are meant to broil on the lowest temperature setting for several minutes to really toast the delicious Cashew Basil Cheese, but I was hoping laying a few coals over the tinfoil would do the trick.

While our cheese did not exactly toast beneath the mound of peppers, it did melt & taste FANTASTIC none the less.  It is no wonder Angela took Gold in the Portabella Playoffs.  The combination of pizza sauce, peppers & — have I mentioned how much I love? — cashew basil cheese is spot-on-good-stuff.

Not generally a huge fan of red sauce, Ashley’s home-made pizza sauce is the best, especially with my mom’s bottled tomatoes; just throw in some red pepper flakes for a burst of heat.  Because I made it from scratch & was unsure how much it would yield,  I was a bit short of the one cup needed for our 4 porta-caps.  We also used a lot more chopped peppers than Angela [the same amount [1 C] she used for 8 caps]; so while our pizzas are less photo-worthy, they are certainly no less taste bud worthy.

  • After removing stems & gently rubbing the Portabella caps with a wet cloth to clean, lay each on its own lightly oiled sheet of tinfoil [if you are taking them camping].
  • Spoon ~ 2 T of Pizza Sauce into each Portabella
  • Spoon ~ 2 tsp of Cashew Basil Cheese over the sauce
  • Divide chopped Onion [1 – 2 T total] & chopped Peppers [I used a combination of ½ C Bell & ½ C Banana Pepper] into equal portions & sprinkle over Portabellas.
  • We threw on some sliced garden jalapenos as well.
  • Sprinkle Red Pepper Flakes & finely dice fresh Basil over the top
  • Wrap & seal in tinfoil homes until cooking over the fire OR skip all the tinfoil stuff & broil 10-12 minutes, on middle rack, watching closely.
  • Serve immediately!


What are in your tinfoil camp entrees?

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