Pickled Pink

17 Thu, 2011 § 6 Comments

I have longed for these beauties to fall into my hands.

I scoured farmer’s market each week in SLC last season hoping to catch a glimpse.  When I finally spotted pretty little watermelon radishes a couple weeks ago at New Frontiers, I was giddy.

Raw, they had a fresh, peppery crispness; most of these guys ended up pickled though.

When made fresh & properly fermented, pickles are not only a yummy treat but can be nourishing as well, full of healthy enzymes that aid in digestion.  Our favorite store-bought brand is Bubbies, but I also like to make my own.  I have yet to pickle cucumbers because I haven’t been able to tear myself away from radishes; I think I am finally ready to branch out.

Making your own pickles puts you in control of all the ingredients & cuts down on waste from packaging.  The list of supplies is short!  All you need:

  • Clean, glass jar
  • Cheese cloth
  • A rubber band
  • Water
  • Vinegar [of choice]
  • Vegetable [of choice], sliced thinly

Place your vegetable slices in the jar & cover with a water:vinegar mixture of 1 parts vinegar to 4 parts water.  Place a square of cheese cloth over the top & secure it with the rubber band.  Leave on the counter 1 – 3 days.  Replace the cheese cloth with a secure lid & keep in the fridge up to 10 days.

I usually rinse them before eating because they can be a bit overly salty.

While I really like these, Dave was not a fan of this version; umeboshi vinegar can be a bit harsh.  I will try again with a milder vinegar – maybe apple cider — & carrots perhaps.  Every since Faith pickled carrots with rosemary, I can’t stop thinking about them.   Yes, that is definitely on my list.

Also on my list:

strengthening my triceps for all the crazy, pressing, “mantling” moves I’ve been attempting on the rock around here.  Wednesday’s 5am workout had to include weights, but I also wanted to get my heart rate up & work my core.

Combo Workout it is!

HIIT ~ 4 rounds = 4 minutes: 10 seconds “rest”; 50 seconds maximum effort

  1. Ball Pikes ~ 24 / 26 / 27
  2. Low Jacks ~ 47 / 51 / 47
  3. Ball Pikes ~ 20 / 25 / 20
  4. Low Jacks ~ 44 / 45 / 46
  • Shoulder Extensions [side & front] x 15 each [with 5#s]
  • One-Arm Tricep Extensions x 10 each side [with 10#]

Repeat full set twice = 3 times total.

This looks easy.  It’s not.  My core, hip flexors, shoulders & triceps were ALL fatigued by the end.  Pushing out the last set was not easy.  But if it’s not hard, it’s hardly worth it.


Do you make your own pickles?

Do you have any specific strengthening goals?

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