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When Eisley is home alone, I often skip a lunch break to condense my workday, so I can get home to her sooner.  She is with Dave today though, so I can break my day up the way I like to.

A short run sounded perfect, because my calves have been pretty tight — I can feel it down into my arches — & I didn’t want to overdo them.  20 or 30 minutes should have been just fine.

1.5 hours later, I dragged myself back to my desk.


I started on a nice, paved trail, which connected with another road.  This would have been a good spot to turn around, but sometimes I have a difficult time going back where I have already been.  When I saw a sign for one of the Flagstaff Urban Trails, I thought “Perfect!  That is probably one of the trails I saw when I started; it should just loop back around & drop me off near work.”

It did loop…& eventually I got back to work, but not until it had looped & dropped & climbed & crissed & crossed & forked…& spit me out much farther from work than I had planned.

I second-guessed myself…tip-toed through mud…back-tracked…re-tracked…& finally just stuck it out.  It was very unsettling to be so turned around — I’m usually much better with my sense of direction — it must be the elevation. 😉  I tried to enjoy myself & accept I was a bit lost & would eventually find my way out.  Even though the thick forest surrounding me blocked my view, there are certainly worse things to be swallowed up by.  It really was beautiful out! & I realized how liberating it could be [if I wasn’t lost] to run in the forest more often, so I’ve been inspired to get a pair of trail running shoes…& consult a map next time.

Because I took a late lunch, my biggest concern fear was I wouldn’t be back when Dave came to pick me up.  I didn’t have my phone; no one knew exactly where I was.  Awkward.  Fortunately, I did make it back with about an hour to spare!

I am sorry calves.  I will ice you tonight; please don’t hate me tomorrow.


Have you ever been lost on one of your runs (or hikes)?

Agencies & “Bombs”

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I feel silly I did not think of this sooner, but a lot of people do not consider going through a staffing agency.  Monday I had an interview & assessment with Performance Staffing in Flagstaff; by 10:00 the next morning, they had placed me!  As of 8am tomorrow, that is where I will be.  It is actually with the same company my husband works for, though mine is a temporary position.

I highly recommend looking into a staffing agency to anyone out there who might be having a difficult time finding a job.

I actually really love that it is temporary work for the time being — who knows what may develop from it — because now I do not feel the stress of accepting the first offer I receive for something permanent.  It is also great while I am determining my schedule for school.

Things are finally seeming to settle & fall into place.  Flagstaff is starting to feel like home & not a transient resting point.  I am excited to embrace this town & offer what I can in return.

Maybe seed bombs?

Ever heard of a seed bomb?  While it is quite revolutionary, they are not necessarily new.  I guess the concept arose in the 70s, but recently Daniel Phillips & Kim Karlsrud completely revitalized the concept in a simple yet radical way.  Old gumball machines!

This is so cool.  You just need to watch the video [which I could not get to embed 😦 so just click on the photo below] & hear about it from them.  I want one here & am definitely looking into how I can make that happen.


Today I marveled as I was driving along the freeway to reach crosstown.  The fact I was completely surrounded by trees & that it was not obvious I was still “within” the city struck a deep chord.  Ever since my first glimpse Flagstaff has always meant trees.

A bit more greenery while strengthening the sense of community wouldn’t hurt though, right?


Ever heard of seed bombs?  Do you have any of the “gumball machines” in your city?


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This is Larry.

You probably don’t know him.  I don’t really know him.

He’s my new friend in Flagstaff.  He is a Vietnam vet just trying to get by, & boy does he have stories!  I am pretty sure he is stretching a couple of them for dramatic effect. 😉  Yes, he is homeless & manages to stay out of trouble for the most part — a local police officer even sort of vouched for him — but he still seems to be a bit of a trouble-maker.  I think he likes it that way.

I couldn’t help but like Larry, & he taught me a couple things that day.

First, even though we did not know each other, it was ok to tell me he loves me. 😀  ha!  Would that weird you out?  He made sure to emphasize while he thought I was attractive,  he didn’t mean that sort of love — he “was obviously old enough to be my grandfather after all”.  I just laughed & thought, why can’t the world be like that? Why can’t we love those we do not know or understand, even with their strange customs or unfamiliar beliefs?  Am I naive?  I would rather live with genuine love in my heart than be skeptical, cold & perpetuate hostility.  We don’t have to skip around throwing flower pedals & giving hugs to strangers; but couldn’t we all act a little more loving toward people?

Some may have avoided Larry or hurried off after a rushed exchange.  I felt he was ok, & we spent a good portion of one afternoon chatting.  My day was brightened as we talked & he complemented passing couples on their “exceptional taste in one another”.  😀

Which brings me to the second lesson I learned from Larry:

When he feels down & depressed, he tries to make people smile.

Larry made a lot of people smile that day.


I hope your Monday is full of smiles.

Into the Void

11 Sat, 2010 § 4 Comments

These last couple months have felt like a hiatus.  We couldn’t shake the feeling we were just on a long vacation & not actually moving to AZ.

Today, the hiatus is evaporating as we move into our own place.


Dave is still in the early stages of his new job.

I’m hoping to find work as a PT Tech.

We don’t really know what life in Flagstaff holds for us…

but we’re excited to find out.


Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

Thanks Christine for being so generous & letting us crash with you & upset your life these past weeks.

Thanks to our parents & the rest of our family & friends for supporting our decision.

Please enjoy your weekend — enjoy every day!


30 Tue, 2010 § 8 Comments

Townhome ” F ” was built in the 60s & has “character”.  Townhome ” C ” is newer & nicer.

Townhome ” F ” is closer to downtown & Flagstaff “culture”.  Townhome ” C ” is closer to New Frontiers [the natural food store ;)].

Townhome ” C ” has a small, fenced in front patio & outside entrance.

Townhome ” F ” has a narrow, enclosed, staircase entryway…but it also has a deep garage.

Townhome ” C ” has an outside storage closet that would be perfect for our bikes.  We really like the handyman at Townhome ” F “.

Townhome ” F ” is slightly larger, but Townhome ” C ” is brighter.

We might be able to move into Townhome ” F ” sooner, but we might pay a lot less in deposits to move into Townhome ” C “.

We’re conflicted…

as if you couldn’t tell.

After a day of searching for that perfect home, we are debating between two rentals in Flagstaff & each have pros & cons.  We could analyze it to death…& [over]think our way into a decision.

We’re going to try something else though:

Clear our minds & see where things settle.

Our intuitions know where we will be happiest, so we’re going to sense it rather than think it.

I hope this works…maybe I should go with the first thought I have in the morning [obviously I’m writing this Monday evening ;)].  Do you think that will work?


Are you an analyzer or an intuition follower?  How do you make these decisions?


26 Tue, 2010 § 9 Comments

Quaint boutiques & shops; cozy, local cafes & restaurants; & trendy outdoor gear stops inhabit the narrow streets of downtown Flagstaff.

Our first impression:


It feels like a “young” town

with spirit.

Granted we only experienced a slice of this city & there is still much more to see, but we like it.  The sparse traffic & obvious bike lanes make for a friendlier pedal commute & everyone seems to love dogs [it could just be Eisley — she’s pretty lovable — I think I will make a lot of friends with her help ;)].

No city is perfect, but it is nice to see a community that is leaning toward eco-friendly practices rather than moving away from it…

& musicians whose songs warm the chilly October air — I love this.

I am definitely not above stalking out the lovely violinist serenading one of the corners of San Fransisco Street. 😉

The only time during the day we sort of raised our eyebrows & 😦 :

The indoor climbing gym, which looks just ok [the bouldering section is small], is $$$.  Day pass = $16 & it will cost Dave & I $200 just to get a membership — that does not include the membership fee each month!

Good thing the outdoor bouldering ROCKS.  We only touched the boulders in one area on Saturday at Priest Draw, & even though my tummy & core did not feel that great, I connected with the style.  We played on a beautiful, horizontal roof, & I am anxious to go back.  I was more concerned with having spotters than photographers, but I cannot wait to show you bouldering photos — soon!

So why did we leave our jobs in Utah & move to Arizona?    What made us leap without much of a safety net?

We wanted a fresh start in a new area where we could embrace our passions.  We are not interested in “waiting” to live, working 20+ years, banking on retirement to finally have “the time” & a chance to live like we have always envisioned.  One of those visions is traveling & experiencing new places, even if it means living simply.

Simple & happy — that is our intention.  We are figuring out the basic needs & luxuries we cannot live without & those we can.  We are embracing life & the aspects that truly enhance the experience rather than distract from it.

How often do you find yourself looking forward to the weekend?  Tired of yearning for the weekend to come & watching the weeks fly by [is it October already?], we changed our perspective & actions to look forward to each day.

Life is Now.


Have you ever made a drastic life change you knew would bring you happiness even if it seemed “risky” in the conventional sense?

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