A Little Worried

2 Wed, 2011 § 9 Comments

Yesterday was rough.  I nearly froze walking to/from work, I missed the bus home 😦 & was welcomed by a lovely accident Eisley left on the spare bathroom [fortunately hard] floor near the toilet…it was as if she knew.

Dave is amazing & offered to take on cleanup duty while I walked the naughty girl.  Honestly, we are not going to [fully]blame her.  We recently [meaning yesterday], increased her calorie intake by quite a significant amount because she has been losing weight — even though I feed her just over the recommended serving.  Could I really expect her tummy not to be upset while it adjusts to the increased digestion?  Was it reasonable to think she could hold it 8 hours?

Apparently not.

I learned; so this morning I was up at 5am walking her so she could do her business, eat then do her business again at 7am before we left.  Phew!  Cross your fingers with me.

[David Finch]

She is still adorable.

At her checkup on Monday, I learned she has lost nearly 2 pounds since we moved!!  Already a tiny, wiry little thing, every pound is vital.  Guess she has a metabolism like her dad. 😉  We will increase her calorie intake for a couple weeks to see if that helps; otherwise, we will have to draw blood to test for deficiencies. 😦  I feel like such a bad mommy.  I promise I am not starving my girl.


Have you ever had a pet lose weight?  What do you feed your dog?  [We have been using EVO]

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