31 Sun, 2011 § 1 Comment

I wanted to do something in Sedona while the guys played a round of golf, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled to do it alone.  It wasn’t far into my hike though before I was embracing the time to be in my own head, tap into some creative energy, or just unplug & take the day in.  Besides, I wasn’t exactly solo; Eisley is my best little company.  I enjoyed the me time so much so, when Dave & Dylan joined us for a more extended hike, I lagged behind.  Ok, so the lagging primarily had to do with my sore (Chaco-rubbed) feet.

I still had fun chasing butterflies though.


I hope you enjoyed my Week in the Life as much as I enjoyed the challenge of doing it.


30 Sat, 2011 § 4 Comments

I forgot to take every day photos on Thursday…until the rainy ride home.

The rest of my night was pretty mellow; I just wanted to enjoy it with Dave & Dylan, our friend who is visiting.

At least I didn’t forget

to make yogurt biscuit & ask Dave to marinate the strawberries.

But then I forgot to post them, & yesterday I had other (outdoor) things on my agenda; so here it is well over a day late.

I think I’m pretty happy with some of Friday’s photos…which I’ll likely post Monday.  There is still the rest of my weekend to be had after all.

Ready?  Unplug on 3.

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28 Thu, 2011 § 3 Comments

A Week in the Life.

I have been fighting the blahs recently.  For some reason, the last two Wednesdays have been especially difficult.

But not yesterday.

Bright colors make me happy.

What we surround ourselves with has an amazing impact on our mood, so why not choose things that are bright & cheerful? — this goes for people too.



27 Wed, 2011 § 8 Comments

a week in the life.

here i am.


It has been rainy around here.  Dave’s bike ride into work was pretty wet & dirty.  He said it was awesome.  He had this Simon & Garfunkel song in his head the whole way.  It made my morning when he emailed it to me.  Sometimes we just have to make the most of a rainy day, remember what it’s like to be childlike & see the beauty & fun in the ordinary.  Just smile.

Because there’s nothing else to do but smile.



26 Tue, 2011 § 6 Comments

A Week in the Life.

Like I mentioned, this week I’m trying to take simple everyday photos, accurately depicting our days & lives right now.

Though we have less stuff filling our apartment than most, we still feel the need to reduce further from time to time.  Lately I’ve been consumed with purging, organizing & beautifying our home.  It’s not about going without but truly relishing in what we do have.

*photo taken of a clipping from Sunset Magazine August 2011 issue.


We do relish.

As much as I love being home, enjoying our little nest, experiencing life is life’s meaning.  Sometimes we need stuff  to do the things we love.  I love tackling the boulders with Dave once he’s off work.  It’s great to go out there with no expectations & then surprise yourself.

Yesterday was a good day.



25 Mon, 2011 § 2 Comments

Last week I scored a basketful of vintage maps.


I noticed them sitting on the “free table” in the main entrance of the building where I temp at the university.  I was glowing the rest of the afternoon, which is sort of lame.  I don’t care.  I also dig the wicker pail they came rolled up in.

I’m seeing some fun cartography projects in the near future.

Today, while I’ve been sorting through my new maps, clearing out some clutter & even clipping a couple inspirations from a magazine, Eisley has been my constant shadow.

We are listening to thunder storms in the distance , which stress & freak Eisley out.  She actually jumped in the tub while I was showering today to avoid being even more than a couple feet from me lest the thunder get her.  The pup hates getting wet — usually requiring a little coaxing to get in the bath — but apparently she hates that thunder more.

poor thing.

I sort of want to participate in Ali Edward’s A Week in the Life, so I’m trying to take simple everyday photos, representing exactly what is going on in our lives each day this week — “from the mundane to the profound”.  Though I’m not sure I’ll make a paper album, I’m excited to see if I can pull the images together by other means using text & digital composition…then posting here.

Anyone else want to play?

I’ll post today, tomorrow morning; Tuesday, Wednesday morning; & so on.

p.s.  Did you check out the auction?

Shadows & Puddles.

13 Wed, 2011 § Leave a comment


take a walk,

…even if it’s in the rain.

Take a photo of something ordinary,

that you find extraordinary,

…even if it’s just a puddle.


Running in the Rain

8 Fri, 2011 § 6 Comments

If you have never run in the rain, you must — as soon as possible.

I was skeptical of Dave’s claim that few things live up to the joy of running in the rain — or even the mud — but it’s true.  I was wet; I didn’t care.  Raindrops misted my face; I wasn’t annoyed.  As my feet splashed the first shallow puddles, I was radiating.  Grey clouds cast shadows on the asphalt & grit; I felt empowered & liberated, ready to push out 8 insane intervals (I love intervals; I think they are fun but insane/hard): 30-second full on sprint + 1-minute moderate jog = 1 interval.  After my final interval, I was exhausted but not ready to leave the rain; so I sprinted one more minute, fighting to increase speed until the end.

Rain is Refreshing.

I felt empowered by the elements to make this run count, but you could always just go out, splash & have fun.  I still think you should push yourself harder than you think you are capable.  Consider it a dare.


July Showers

7 Thu, 2011 § 3 Comments

I felt really grown up & accountable today.

I carried my umbrella with me, even though it was sunny when I left the house.

Walking from the office to the bus stop this afternoon, it was pouring.  I was quite pleased with myself.

Mid-shower, the clouds opened & just dumped over-sized raindrops from the sky.

I couldn’t stop smiling,

even though my feet were soaked.



6 Wed, 2011 § 7 Comments


Sometimes, Dave & I like to give each other photo assignments.  This morning, he left me with instructions: a triptych of today.

So here is today:


By noon, I had conquered our failing/overheating vacuum, dusted, swept, wiped, scrubbed, organized, discarded, rearranged & even laundered.  By noon, I had also enjoyed a cucumber cooler & bowl of white melon & blackberries poolside…before the lightning storm hit…because my sanity required it.

Now, Eisley & I are just hiding out, inside, listening to thunder & smelling the rain.


What would your *triptych of today include?

*Triptych: a (paneled) work of art divided into three sections.

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