Dear Dave,

25 Mon, 2011 § Leave a comment

There was always something different about you ~

…insightful & deep & talented but also silly & carefree…

We could talk for hours & never bore — we are still blessed with long, meaningful conversations (as well as silliness).  You a strong man, & I have always cherished the beautiful person you are, full of love, compassion & openness to grow.

Every day is brighter with you in my life.

Our lives could have easily taken very different courses after we first met, but somehow — fortunately — reconnected.  Even now, I am often overwhelmed with how amazingly & beautifully life has worked out.

I only wish I expressed how I truly feel better & more often.

Happy Birthday, my love.


13 Mon, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is Larry.

You probably don’t know him.  I don’t really know him.

He’s my new friend in Flagstaff.  He is a Vietnam vet just trying to get by, & boy does he have stories!  I am pretty sure he is stretching a couple of them for dramatic effect. 😉  Yes, he is homeless & manages to stay out of trouble for the most part — a local police officer even sort of vouched for him — but he still seems to be a bit of a trouble-maker.  I think he likes it that way.

I couldn’t help but like Larry, & he taught me a couple things that day.

First, even though we did not know each other, it was ok to tell me he loves me. 😀  ha!  Would that weird you out?  He made sure to emphasize while he thought I was attractive,  he didn’t mean that sort of love — he “was obviously old enough to be my grandfather after all”.  I just laughed & thought, why can’t the world be like that? Why can’t we love those we do not know or understand, even with their strange customs or unfamiliar beliefs?  Am I naive?  I would rather live with genuine love in my heart than be skeptical, cold & perpetuate hostility.  We don’t have to skip around throwing flower pedals & giving hugs to strangers; but couldn’t we all act a little more loving toward people?

Some may have avoided Larry or hurried off after a rushed exchange.  I felt he was ok, & we spent a good portion of one afternoon chatting.  My day was brightened as we talked & he complemented passing couples on their “exceptional taste in one another”.  😀

Which brings me to the second lesson I learned from Larry:

When he feels down & depressed, he tries to make people smile.

Larry made a lot of people smile that day.


I hope your Monday is full of smiles.

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