July Musings

2 Tue, 2011 § 15 Comments

I like looking back over the month.  It’s interesting how our preferences, favorites & inspirations play out, ebb & flow.

Here is what’s been going on this time around.

~We’ve reinstated an old favorite: weekday date night/family nights.  (I never know what to call them.)  Each week, we alternate whose turn it is to plan; the day often differs.  Whether Dave treats me to the climbing gym, I work on his trigger points, we go on a photo hunt together or play cards, these evenings make me smile & force us to do something different to break up the week’s monotony & potential laziness.

~Rain.  More rain.  It is officially monsoon season.  It rains almost every day, but usually only for a couple hours in the afternoon.  You just get used to it & accept being wet if you want to do something.  Fortunately summer temperatures mean it dries up quickly, & we can still climb.  Oh, my hair has finally accepted it is just going to be an afro for the time being.  Strange to have humidity in AZ.

~I am supposed to be reading The Comedians.  Instead, I’ve been spending time at the library perusing the Netter’s Anatomy reference book.  Nerd!

~Bright colors make me smile.  I’m trying to fill our home (& my nails) with bright, cheerful colors.

~Fashion follows a 20-year cycle.  I am beyond ecstatic our haunt of the 80s should be over any day.  So what’s next?  The 90s…which I’m not that thrilled with BUT it means inspiration will also come from the 70s & 50s.  I’m swooning & also irritated at the whole disco-revolt-movement.  Why did they feel the need to burn so many should-have-been awesome vintage pieces?

~Speaking of, if you have any vintage scarves you want to send my way…I’m bringing this back.  I’ve been doing it lately.  Dave totally digs it.

~I am still too obsessed with Pinterest (obviously) & can get a little out of hand pinning the hours away.  I’m not just pinning though; I’m doing.  I am keeping a short list of diy projects I am currently working on — & actually working on them!  Of course, I made a board to keep track.

~My current favorite recovery smoothie add in: tahini, especially with fresh strawberries.  I have been hit or miss about adding kale (it isn’t always blending smoothly), so I’ve taken to adding a touch of chlorella.  The taste is intense, so I’m starting small (<tsp).  The tahini & strawberries are flavorful enough to cover any hint of sludginess though.  My recommended method of making the smoothie: have your husband do it.  Dave’s smoothies always taste so much better.  He must add love.

~I am infatuated with mini homes.  Super neat.

~Also excited about this.  One simple demand.  I agree.

~Thanks, Dave, for introducing me to Doghouse Diaries; this is a favorite — for all you dog lovers — but there are a lot of laugh-out-loud strips.  Other new reads I’m enjoying: Elise Blaha’s Enjoy It, Dee Construction, Marta Writes & In the Little Red House (which isn’t actually new so much as rediscovered).

~Not to rush fall along, but how perfect is this? (Thanks Aubrey)


What stood out about your July?  Also, what is on your iPod?  August needs some new tunes.

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§ 15 Responses to July Musings

  • love your pinterest board! The hooks are so quaint. I really made time to explore pinterest. The basic idea is that you find pictures and projects that are asthetically pleasing??

    • Allie says:

      i love pinterest. yeah — it’s much cleaner & more fun than bookmarking. you can pin about anything: diy projects you like, styles/fashion you like, photography & art, food, posters/quotes. once you sign up, you can download a “pin it” tool to your toolbar & then you can pin nearly any image on any website you are visiting. awesome.

      • wow…I’ll have to sign up! And you follow other people’s “pins”? Sorry for all the questions 😉

      • Allie says:

        don’t apologize. 🙂
        yes, you can follow specific boards or you can follow all of someone’s boards. it’s fun when you find people with similar styles.

  • I’m going to have to start!

    Have you seen Dear Photograph yet? (www.dearphotograph.com). Such an awesome idea!

  • Natalie says:

    Just catching up on your posts over the last week…they are all so beautiful! Your photography is gorgeous and just so YOU.

    I miss you!

  • Aubrey says:

    oh, hey, shout out! 🙂 beautiful post, as always!

    so, funny story – I had heard of Pinterest from a friend but didn’t actually start an account until I read one of your blog entries about it..you said something like “how did I not know about this!?” It’s just a big circle of creative energy floating around. I love it!

    Oh and SO jealous of all your rain…we are bone dry and in stage 3(!?) water restrictions here. pleh.

    • Allie says:

      yay — I’m glad I brought you into the big circle of creative energy. (primarily so i can stalk your pins) 😉 I love that crazy website.
      I met some people from your neck of the woods at a yoga festival last weekend — you guys must be SCORCHING!

  • Julia says:

    I’m loving the mini homes also; I have a slight obsession with ones called Blu Homes. We are doing some intense downsizing belongings-wise over the next year (everything has to be able to come to China with us or be something my parents don’t mind storing in their basement for a year or two) and I’ve become sort of enamored with the idea that everything we need could fit in such a small space.
    I think I may have to jump on the pinterest band wagon. It sounds fun, and efficient.
    Have a great day!

    • Allie says:

      yes, you should jump on board. it’s a great way find inspiration & “bookmark” other cool finds without hassling with bookmarks.
      I’m going to have to check out Blu Homes. Are we FB friends? If so, you should post a link on my wall. I feel you exactly: I’m completely “enamored” with that idea too!

  • Katie says:

    I’ve been perusing your blog for about an hour now, and I love it. I love happy, healthy, active, grounded people.

    • Allie says:

      yay – thank you — & thanks for leading me to your blog. I’m having fun perusing it myself. I’m always looking for happy, healthy, active, grounded people too! You all usually live too far away from me! 😉

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