Running in the Rain

8 Fri, 2011 § 6 Comments

If you have never run in the rain, you must — as soon as possible.

I was skeptical of Dave’s claim that few things live up to the joy of running in the rain — or even the mud — but it’s true.  I was wet; I didn’t care.  Raindrops misted my face; I wasn’t annoyed.  As my feet splashed the first shallow puddles, I was radiating.  Grey clouds cast shadows on the asphalt & grit; I felt empowered & liberated, ready to push out 8 insane intervals (I love intervals; I think they are fun but insane/hard): 30-second full on sprint + 1-minute moderate jog = 1 interval.  After my final interval, I was exhausted but not ready to leave the rain; so I sprinted one more minute, fighting to increase speed until the end.

Rain is Refreshing.

I felt empowered by the elements to make this run count, but you could always just go out, splash & have fun.  I still think you should push yourself harder than you think you are capable.  Consider it a dare.


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