Endive or Escarole?

14 Thu, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have seen these words used interchangeably & thought they were the same thing.  The only variety endive we had ever tried before were the narrow, cigar-shaped ones we found at the grocery store.

Then we found this in our CSA batch labeled “endive”;

but I thought…hmm?

Farmer’s Market does not start until next month, so I have no local expert to clear up my confusion.

Oh, what would we do without Google & Wiki?

Apparently, endive & escarole are members of the chicory family.  There appear to be different types of endive: curly — which is sometimes called frisee — & broad-leaf, which is often referred to as escarole.

It seems the leaves we had been using to scoop up dips are Belgian endive…also called escarole ??

I am still a little confused, but the more important question today is

what else should we do with it?

It is bitter but delicious & mellows a little as it cooks or is combined with a sweeter ingredient.

I have sauteed it with leeks & white beans.

Tossed it into mixed green salads — maybe it would pair well with citrus & avocado?

We also tossed it in the pan with caramelized shallots, chickpeas, currants & topped it with toasted pumpkin seeds.

And have fed it to Eisley 😉 though she prefers kale.

A lot of the recipes I have come across call for meat & dairy, so any (vegan) suggestions are appreciated!

We started off with a huge head but are slowly making eating our way through it. 🙂

I love how much longer fresh, local produce lasts.


Do you understand endive vs escarole?

With what do you pair the curly variety?

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