Kamut Berry Salad

12 Tue, 2011 § 3 Comments

Have you ever had kamut berries?  I am in love.  They are much bigger than wheat or spelt berries & have a nutty flavor with nice, “pop” texture.

Sometimes I do not plan or prep my workweek meals very well & end up hungry mid-day, stranded without sufficient calories.  My blood sugar drops, my mood turns c.r.a.z.y & I “nearly ruin the night” — or so I have been told. 😉  Harsh?  I certainly hope so.  He assured me “once you get food, everything is kosher again.”  I am definitely one of those eat-something-small-every-couple-hours kind of girl…otherwise Hyde emerges.

A big batch of grain salad made over the weekend is perfect to last throughout the week & gives me one more snacking option to keep my blood sugar level.  I was determined to plan my work meals better this week; so when I saw kamut berries at the store on Sunday, I knew what was going in the pot that afternoon.  This salad has been my mid-morning or early afternoon snack.

It is pretty simple & basic, but like I said, I’m in love.

Kamut Berry Salad with Cranberry Beans, Raisins & Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Rinse ~1.5 cups kamut berries & add to 4 cups boiling water [I like my grains a bit chewier, so I use less water than the 4.5 cups recommended but check on them to make sure they don’t run out of water].  Simmer 1.5 – 2 hours until water is absorbed & kamut is cooked.  Allow to sit covered ~10 minutes, then fluff.

Mix with cooked cranberry beans [I soaked & cooked ~3/4 cup dry beans], 1/4 cup raisins & 1/4 cup toasted pumpkin seeds.

You can stir in a dressing or leave it “naked” like I did.  This way I can customize each serving so I don’t get tired of one strong flavor throughout the week.  I like it with champagne-tarragon vinaigrette, simply a little flax oil & sea salt or maybe a splash of white balsamic; & sometimes, I just leave it as is [“naked”].  I also have artichoke hearts & citrus-stuffed olives on hand I can add on a whim.  You can always play with other herbs, like basil, or reheat it with a bit of milk, cinnamon & maple for an alternate to the usual oatmeal breakfast.

I highly recommend making big batches of meals that stay fresh or develop flavor before your busy week starts.

It is only Tuesday, but so far, we’ve only seen Jekyll. 😉  [I think — I don’t know, ask Dave.]


Have you tried kamut berries?

Do you plan or prep any week-day meals during the weekend?

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