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My diet has not been balanced this week.  My mouth & tummy are seeing primarily carbs.carbs.carbs.  Ridiculous because heavy carbs are not even what I am really craving.  All I actually want is to dine on fruit & vegetables.  I wasn’t staying hydrated either — & that was before I started bike commuting again — now I’m really feeling the thirst.  When I am dehydrated, I crave fruit & juice.  Does anyone else experience this?  I don’t have a juicer, & we try to eat seasonally, which limits fruit right now.  On hand, we have apples, lemons & oranges [citrus is in season here — well, in Phoenix which is only a couple hours away].  Are melons in season yet? 😦  I really want a cantaloupe.

Since I’m actually craving light fruit & veggies, I decided this Wednesday was going to be all about planning & prepping to better fuel & cleanse myself for the rest of the week [& on].  After all, Wednesdays are about me.  😉  I try not to be an “on Monday, I’ll start…”-kind-of-gal.  If I want & need to make a change, I should do it now. It’s easy to put it off but resist!

Natalie reminded me of one of my favorite salad toppings; then Angela went one step further & inspired me to make it my salad.  Tonight I threw together a big serving of her Spring Clean Raw Beet, Carrot & Apple Salad with extra beet. I also added extra lemon juice, so my chopped apples will survive until tomorrow [plus, I like lemon].  In the future, I will make this with white balsamic vinegar to keep it looking fresher.  Dark balsamic made everything slightly brown: not so pretty.  I think white will complement the flavors a bit more as well; champagne vinegar would be good too — oh with tarragon!  Looks like I’ll be making more of this soon.  I plan to top it with hemp seeds & maybe even some toasted almonds.

Some days I miss the shredder/grater attachment on my food processor; then I remind myself I do like the experience of connecting with my food through simple kitchen tools.

If you want practice in presence, grate your own carrots by hand.


— otherwise you lose part of a finger or nail ! which isn’t good for anyone.

A good sweat in the morning & fresh, simple foods should have me feeling my best again soon!


What helps you get back to feeling balanced & cleansed?

Beet fan?  yea or nay?  I think you either hate them or love them.  I am obviously a YEA; Dave is a resounding NAY.  This may be one I’ll never win. 😦

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  • Julia says:

    Focusing on fruits and veggies helps me get back in sync.
    I LOVE beets, especially pickles beets in salads with a little cheese. I agree though, it seems people either really like or really don’t like beets.

  • Dina says:

    Drinking lots of water helps me feel balanced and cleansed. I find when I’m not interested in drinking water that any kinds of herbal teas will do the trick. Big fan of green smoothies too, I know if I’m not in the mood to make a salad or eat a bunch of veggies I can just smoothie them. Lately it’s been celery, spinach, strawberries, water and basil! fabulous!

    If citrus is in season, a little lime goes a long way in reinvigorating your thirst in some water for sure. Apples in smoothies and drinks and salads are delicious too and are so good for you. Full of good healthy fiber and vitamins. Right now on the dehydrator I am making a flax, buckwheat, apple, raisin dried blueberry “toast”. This will pair with some jam from last summer.

    share your salad recipe! I have to go to girls night Friday and have tons of carrots!

    • Allie says:

      Lots of water is helping! Lime is a great idea & your strawberry-basil smoothies sound fabulous! As does your “toast” but I always love your raw buckwheat treats. You can find Angela’s salad recipe here. I would use white balsamic for the dressing OR next time I’ll make it with a variation of this champagne-tarragon vinaigrette. I miss girls’ night! (even though I only went to one.)

  • Natalie says:

    I love grated beets! Lately I’ve been drinking a ton of lemon water.

    I can’t wait for summer either…bring on the watermelon 🙂 I do know that April is “asparagus month” and that is one of my faves.

    I wish I was there to hang out with you!

    • Allie says:

      Asparagus month? Wahoo!
      It’s warm here! So maybe you should just duck away from your teasing spring weather & hide out in AZ. I wish you were here too! Do you know that song by Pink Floyd? Play it today & think of me. 😉

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