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15 Tue, 2011 § 6 Comments




When Eisley is home alone, I often skip a lunch break to condense my workday, so I can get home to her sooner.  She is with Dave today though, so I can break my day up the way I like to.

A short run sounded perfect, because my calves have been pretty tight — I can feel it down into my arches — & I didn’t want to overdo them.  20 or 30 minutes should have been just fine.

1.5 hours later, I dragged myself back to my desk.


I started on a nice, paved trail, which connected with another road.  This would have been a good spot to turn around, but sometimes I have a difficult time going back where I have already been.  When I saw a sign for one of the Flagstaff Urban Trails, I thought “Perfect!  That is probably one of the trails I saw when I started; it should just loop back around & drop me off near work.”

It did loop…& eventually I got back to work, but not until it had looped & dropped & climbed & crissed & crossed & forked…& spit me out much farther from work than I had planned.

I second-guessed myself…tip-toed through mud…back-tracked…re-tracked…& finally just stuck it out.  It was very unsettling to be so turned around — I’m usually much better with my sense of direction — it must be the elevation. 😉  I tried to enjoy myself & accept I was a bit lost & would eventually find my way out.  Even though the thick forest surrounding me blocked my view, there are certainly worse things to be swallowed up by.  It really was beautiful out! & I realized how liberating it could be [if I wasn’t lost] to run in the forest more often, so I’ve been inspired to get a pair of trail running shoes…& consult a map next time.

Because I took a late lunch, my biggest concern fear was I wouldn’t be back when Dave came to pick me up.  I didn’t have my phone; no one knew exactly where I was.  Awkward.  Fortunately, I did make it back with about an hour to spare!

I am sorry calves.  I will ice you tonight; please don’t hate me tomorrow.


Have you ever been lost on one of your runs (or hikes)?

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