Nacho Night(s)

2 Wed, 2011 § 6 Comments

What were meals like for this lonely, lazy girl over the weekend?

She was certainly not taking photos of most of her food, but what was she eating?

Chocolate, salads, waffles [with tahini dressing], caramelized cauliflower & onions, popcorn, hemp drinks, nachos, chocolate.

For nachos, I baked my own chips, like Natalie, using Ezekial corn tortillas & topped them with tempeh bacon, cranberry beans & Daiya

Nacho night was a hit —

so much so, I did them again the night Dave got home.  Nachos are fun food that come together quickly, & Monday was meant for celebrating.  We used chorizo “sausage” sauteed with fennel cranberry beans & topped with roasted kabocha squash & cheese or Daiya.

Nachos don’t have to be a guilty food.  With the right toppings & tortillas, they can be quite nourishing.


What do you pile on your nachos?  Are they traditional?

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§ 6 Responses to Nacho Night(s)

  • kristastes says:

    I love nachos! I pile on everything under the sun! 🙂

  • ashley says:

    glad your hubby is back 🙂

  • Natalie says:

    Don’t Ezekiels make the best chips???? How do you like Daiya? I’ve seen it but haven’t bought it because it’s so darn expensive and I’m afraid it won’t be good!

    I like mine piled with beans, salsa, guac, shredded romaine…MMMMM 🙂

    • Allie says:

      They do make the best chips! I like Daiya but don’t consider it a staple. I don’t kid myself that it is nutritious, but I feel ok about the ingredients. I only get it occasionally [Dave is cute & spoils me, thinking I need a cheese alternative for everything; I usually have to restrain him from buying it more often]. I actually find it quite tasty & like that it melts. It is expensive, but we often find it on sale here; & if you only get it once a month or less often, it doesn’t seem bad.

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