Snow Dog

28 Mon, 2011 § 3 Comments

Sunday was a lazy lonely day.  I woke to snow falling, which didn’t cease until several inches more lay on the ground.

Saturday I climbed at the gym & intended to be active again yesterday, but movies, lounging & knitting [& re-knitting] made up much of my day until Dave gently coaxed me over the phone into taking a hike.

Trudging through a good foot-&-a-half to two feet of snow is generally not my idea of a good time, & I soon considered retreating.  Eisley’s “crazy dog”-sprints back & forth made me laugh & the fresh air invigorated me, so there was no turning back just yet.  The photographer in me even hibernated.  I just wanted to enjoy being out with Eis.

[An older photo of Eisley [not-so-much] enjoying the snow]

She coaxed me straight up the steep hill into the woods though there is a perfectly good trail that meanders more gradually.  This perfectly good trail waaas hidden by the snow, offering us a blank canvas.  Though her route might not have been my first choice, I had to follow her child-like excitement as we broke first tracks.  She charged halfway up the hill, turned & looked as if to say, “hurry, follow me, mom!”  When I met her, she even pounced at me playfully.  Everyone should be blessed with this type of companionship.

Eisley does not always love the snow, but yesterday she sprang, dashed & rolled in the white powder.

I do not always love the snow either, but I guess it is growing on both of us.

p.s. Guess who will be home today?!!  Expect next post to be short & sweet. 😉


Do you like playing in the snow?

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