4 Fri, 2011 § 2 Comments

8:00 a.m. & 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


Never thought I would be excited about 30 degrees, but after -23* windchill this week, I am ecstatic.  We will be sitting poolside in no time. 😉

To celebrate this heatwave, I want to [re]share one of my favorite past photos from my walks with Eisley.

good morning sunshine

I miss you Spring.  As much as I am embracing the present, I long for your return.  Thank you for the teasers earlier this month.  Can we please have more of those 50*F days?  Pretty please??

I am embracing this beautiful day by taking a long lunch & going for a run or doing an interval workout — I think I spotted a park nearby.

I have not been as active as I feel good about this week; though I have fit in a couple morning workouts, walked to/from work/bus one day [BRRrr] & hit the climbing gym twice in the evening, it has just not been enough.  I will be making a game plan over the weekend & starting to take Eisley for a short run in the mornings again [more for her benefit than mine, but I definitely get something out of it too ;)].


Were you hit with snowmageddon?  We did not get snow — just the wind.  Are you still fighting the blizzard?  Are you finding ways to stay active amidst the cold freezing temperatures?

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  • Natalie says:

    Yes, we were totally hit! I really feel like hibernating, but I’m trying to get myself to the gym as much as possible to stay active! I have Spring fever…BAD 🙂

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