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30 Sun, 2011 § 1 Comment

A few years ago, Dave heard how many times we could circle the earth with the amount of plastic to-go utensils thrown away in the U.S. alone; so he immediately gifted us each with a set of To-Go Ware.

Made from durable, sustainable & naturally antibacterial bamboo, we loved these utensils right away.  They hold up & are lightweight, which comes in handy for biking.  Our set included a fork, knife, spoon & chop sticks wrapped up in some type of sustainable woven cloth; now the holders are made completely of recycled plastic.  Unfortunately I think I threw my fork away! 😦  Dave let me borrow his, but I need to get a replacement.

Over the years, the rest of our lunch-packing components have followed suit, becoming less wasteful.  Usually we pack our food in our smaller, glass containers.  These can get heavy though, so I found cute, little stack-able tins — or tiffins — at World Market.  They are perfect!  A bit small though for someone who eats every couple hours, so I still need a mini glass container some days.

Another thing I have started stuffing in my lunch I grabbed when I bought microfiber cloths for the kitchen: a bright, coral microfiber cloth.  A set of two small [about the size of a regular wash cloth] cloths were only $1 & are the perfect substitute for using napkins or paper towels to clean up.  I should probably pick up another set to swap out between washes.

We also need to get more of these great little zip-up sandwich & snack bags from LoveForEarth.  She was nice enough to send me a complimentary one when I referred my mom to her for produce bags.  [More to come on this later.]  A large sandwich fits snugly, & it is ideal for holding energy bites of nuts, dried fruit, crisps, etc. throughout the day or while hiking or bouldering.

My last trick before leaving the house is to throw a tea bag into my thermos cup.  I fill it with hot water at work & enjoy it as I start my day.  I think it is really important to have a cute or nice coffee/tea mug or thermos; this way you will want to actually use it rather than throw-away paper cups.  Mine isn’t super cute, but it is special; it’s Dave’s from Yellowstone.  I have seen these really cute “non paper” cups all over the place…they might be a bit heavy for biking though.

Tonight I prepped snacks & lunches, & it seems we are definitely set for the week.  I will share these with you tomorrow & hopefully get more ideas from you.


Do you pack your lunches?  How do you pack?

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