Love My Body part II

19 Wed, 2011 § 4 Comments

Not long after the Kate Moss quote incident I came across an equally powerful single word at Gracefulfitness.  When Faith began to introduce Wantpower versus Willpower & where she found this idea, honestly I thought “oh no, is this more superficial thinspiration?  I want that body…I want to be thinner…”  Not at all — I should have known better; this was coming from Faith after all.  I read on as she beautifully conveyed her message:

“Think about it, for me ‘willpower’ conjures images of depravation and steely, possibly uncomfortable,  determination.  ‘Wantpower’ makes me think of my goal, it helps me visualize the outcome and what I WANT rather than what I ‘can’t have’.”

I encourage you to read the rest of her message.

This is what I needed to continue my paradigm shift back into healthy ways of thinking about & seeing my body.  She is only one role model among many I have encountered, especially recently.

In December, Faith established “comment commit”: a place where we could commit to moving our bodies & encourage others to do so.  One of my favorite blog sources for specific workouts [] constantly drives the point bikini season is fast approaching; but here, with Faith, we simply & lovingly reminded  new friends & ourselves how much better we feel when we keep our bodies active…as well as shared reminders to listen to our bodies & rest when needed.  This support was centered around love & motivation.

[photo by David Finch]

I realized I am surrounded by this.


Whether we are talking body image, lifestyles or simply sharing stories about our pups, conversations with one of my best friends, Natalie, only leave me happy, uplifted, & it seems we are usually always on the same page.  This woman pushes herself hard, obviously out of true appreciation for what her body can do!  Every post on FollowMyFitsteps offers helpful, daily tips which never enter the realm of obsessive behavior; rather, they are accessible tools for helping anyone instill healthy habits.

Every time I visit Holly’s blog, the first two words of her title always strike me.


Could it be more perfect?

Julia’s excitement over new adventures like, rock climbing, kindle greater spark in my own passions…

& once upon a time in SLC a close friendship formed in a climbing gym which has only strengthened though we are now mountains apart.  Ashley’s encouragement & support never falter, & her beautiful words — whether written or spoken — inspire me still.

Who am I forgetting?  My husband!  Though our long-walk-talks might initially be filled with some tears [mine not Dave’s ;)], by the end I feel empowered & reassured in our make-your-body-good-for-something mentality.  A common remark from Dave is “yeah, you could just be skinny, but what would you DO with it [your body]?”  What do you want to DO with it?  Give your body a purpose & make it good for something!

Internet, magazines, the media, etc can be such toxic places [to borrow Natalie’s word], & it is easy to feel inundated by certain arbitrary pressures.  This post was partly to gush over some of you 😉 but really I wanted to point to what/who has truly helped me reach a healthier, happier place once again.  I wanted to share this in case any one else out there needs a little nudge in a similar direction, creating your own paradigm shift to truly loving your body.

[photo by David Finch]


What do you want to DO with your body?  What is it good for?

Where do you find inspiration & motivation? [the healthy kind]

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§ 4 Responses to Love My Body part II

  • Thank you Allie. Thank you for your kind words but more importantly thank you for the motivation I need today to live my best life. I am having a case of “the January’s” (BLAH) and needed some inspiration to pinpoint what I WANT out of each day and reach it. YOU are an inspiration!

    • Allie says:

      Thank you Faith! You really helped me during a rough time when I felt like all I was surrounded by was superficial, arbitrary pressure. I realized I can choose what I am surrounded by & opened myself to beauty, grace, love & inspiration — all of these you offer every day!
      I hope you are blooming out of the Blahs. You deserve to live your best life!

  • Julia says:

    Thanks you so much for the sweet shout out!
    I’ve loved these two posts about loving your body. I think you are saying what a lot of people are thinking.
    I’m trying to focus more often now on appreciating it for what it can do and not just being frustrated with what I can’t do or what I find wrong with my body.

    • Allie says:

      Thank you Julia. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you a little bit through sharing our blogs. You’ve got it: keep focusing on how amazing your body is & you can’t help but love it.

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