“Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Skinny Feels”

16 Sun, 2011 § 14 Comments

Love My Body part I

I had already felt like crying the day I read that quote.  Its endorsement nearly pushed me over the edge.  I had been looking for motivation…but not of this genre.  My favorite workout blog had been back up & running for awhile now; I was shocked it had taken me this long to check out the new layout.  This counsel from a fellow follower threw me deeper into the shallow body image paradigm I was struggling to overcome.  She attributed the quote to Kate Moss.  As a responsible blogger, I should verify; but I just cannot bring myself to read anymore concerning this mentality.

I had worked so hard to establish & feel good about my body.  Recently, I had started falling into old habits, such as comparing.  I won’t be fit until I have abs like that.  My arms aren’t good enough until they look like hers. I went online looking for motivation & was hit with self-deprivation.

I continued to browse over workouts & new features, like photos & posts from followers about their progress.  One woman shared her amazing journey, then nearly negated everything she had accomplished by focusing on what she “still needed to get rid of” [her lower tummy pooch].

I wanted to hug her & shake her & tell her to not be self-deprecating & disempowering.  Be proud of what you have done!  Be proud of how strong you are! I scanned comments & though she received a lot of congrats, the only mention of the tummy pooch comment offered her “the trick”.

Only one half serving of fruits, no sugars, no grains & no breads per day.  Try this for a couple of weeks religiously, & you should see a reduction in “puffiness”.  If you keep going, maybe you can kill off the pooch.

I understand limiting sugar & processed grains, but all grains & almost no fruit?  As someone who relies on crucial energy to do what I love to do, my body needs these foods.  Isn’t it more important we eat a balanced diet, nourishing our bodies?

Needless to say, I needed to switch paradigms…before I got stuck in a place I did not want to be…a place that makes me very unhappy.

So what to do?  For me.  Right now.


Focus on appreciating how strong & healthy my body is.  Appreciate what it can do.  Commit to making it stronger.  Treat my body lovingly.  No deprivation.  No comparisons.  Remove the focus from how I look to what I can do.  Some of the strongest, most athletic people do not have the “perfect body” look.  Our bodies are amazing, capable of so much.  Why do we struggle with feeling the need to perfect our bodies through appearance?  Why not through performance?

[We did not get any photos this weekend but decided to return here to work this traverse since it was one of the driest areas.]

With the cold weather & the snow [& an over-priced climbing gym], climbing has not been possible the last couple months.  My body & mind have missed it.  With 40 degree days, we jumped on the chance to touch rock this weekend.  It felt good to test my body & connect with the earth.

It felt just as good to nourish it rather than deprive it.

I started my days with fueling foods,

like barley & lentils mixed with Natalie’s Spicy Thai Chili, which is delicious & packs some heat!

I listened to my body’s cravings; Uncle Sam cereal with raspberry kefir & a sprinkle of cacao nibs was one of these.

I kept it going while out & about with even more random creations.

[I will share more of these little guys tomorrow.]

I feel like I nearly sunk into a superficial pool but was able to wade to the shores of a healthier mindset.  Did I make it on my own?  No.  I will share more of that tomorrow as well. 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend as much as I have.


Are you happy about your body?  Is your own body image paradigm a healthy one?

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§ 14 Responses to “Nothing Tastes as Good as Being Skinny Feels”

  • It’s hard to escape the pressure of skinniness – focus on losing weight to be skinny, skinny being the only goal, nothing but skinny matters. There are so many things that are much more important. Health, fitness, how a person feels. I sometimes get sucked into negative self-talk but it’s much less often than it used to be. I know that I don’t want to just be skinny. I want to be thin (I won’t deny it) but I also want to be toned and athletic. I want to be able to run and do yoga and feel good in my core.

    • Allie says:

      It IS more than just being skinny. Skinny isn’t necessarily healthy, & like you, I would would rather be strong, healthy & able to DO something with my body!

  • My body ran a marathon. My body danced in front of thousands of people over dozens of years. My body complains if I don’t MOVE IT regularly. My body would rather walk than ride. My body hiked in the Andes and the Himalayas in the same year. My body says “thank you” to whole food and “what the hell were you thinking” to junk. Yep, I love my body, it’s a much more pleasant way to go through life than the alternative.
    (And my husband thinks I am sexy as hell).

  • ashley says:

    I want to hug you & shake you & tell you to not be self-deprecating & disempowering. Be proud of what you have done! Be proud of how strong you are!

    Very well said my dear. I still do not understand why you struggle so with feeling good about your own beautiful, strong, sexy body. I wish you could truly focus on what your body looks like, because you must be missing something when you look in the mirror. It is rockin’! It is slim! It is strong! It is empowering! It is a beautiful “perfect” body.

    • Allie says:

      Thanks Ashley. I think we all struggle with this way of thinking from time to time. It’s all in how we choose to address it I suppose. I can sulk & choose to feel inferior because I don’t have a bust or a petite feminine body or Zuzana definition ;), or I can see myself as “perfect”. I certainly do feel strong & beautiful.

      • Well said Allie. I totally feel fat and pimply and covered in cellulite sometimes but I make a conscious choice to keep those thoughts/feelings/emotions on the back burner because they sure as hell aren’t going to make anything change for the better.

      • Ashley says:

        you have a defined petite feminine body! and i bet Dave would agree with me! As for the bust–you can always get some implants 🙂

      • Allie says:

        I have an athletic body [not really feminine in the traditional sense], & I’m ok with that. You can’t workout hard for like 6 months after getting implants…I couldn’t handle it. 😀

  • Natalie says:

    Sometimes the internet can be the most toxic place…especially in terms of body image. I first heard the quote above when I was at a really impressionable age and it still gives me a pit-in-my-stomach feeling today!

    I’d like to say I have exceptional body image and that I love my body and all its imperfections all the time, but that would be a lie. Some days it feels easier than others to look at myself with appreciation. What I do know is that I spent a good portion of my life loathing certain aspects of my body and it got me nowhere…so I’d rather start living my life as if I have those “perfect arms, abs, and legs”…since striving for those attributes is like shooting at a moving target!!!

    As usual, thanks for your honesty. I think everyone struggles at times and we need to stick together to remember to stay proud of our amazing bodies 🙂

    • Allie says:

      “Moving target” is right! I am so glad you said that because I wanted to address that aspect but couldn’t find the words — detached sister!!

  • Pippa says:

    Delurking especially for this post, to say: THANK YOU for this, Allie. I’ve been struggling with the same need to accept my body & celebrate everything she has accomplished. You said it better than I ever could! There is a purity in living like this – with this celebration & gratitude – which far supersedes anything else, no matter how that may be forced onto us. Even if that deprivation sometimes beguiles us into following it, it just takes one moment of awareness to return to aligning body & spirit again. Thanks for returning that awareness to me!

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