Awakened to Her Beauty

9 Sun, 2011 § 8 Comments

When asked to describe the most beautiful place you have ever seen is, where comes to mind.  Likely it would not be your own backyard, or would it?  Where we grew up is usual, ordinary…there is nothing astonishing about it.

[David Finch]

In recent years, I have embraced a fresh perspective, like I am seeing it for the first time.  My new perspective has blossomed from uncovered passions [rocking climbing, backpacking, etc], which have led me back into the desert, as well as Dave’s openness in sharing what he sees through the lens.

On our drive from Utah over the holidays, we took a different route home.  We were awed by the range of landscape we passed: wavy, pink hills of sandstone contrasted by sheer, red-faced cliffs; pale, chalky petrified dunes gave way to looming, dark towers, more volcanic than desertesque…

While visiting over the holidays, our first afternoon in Emery was spent exploring just beyond the borders of my hometown.

Dave explored through his camera, capturing & creating amazing works of art.

[David Finch]

Dad & I hiked around a narrow wash.

He filled me in on stories of an ancient ruin of Native American artifacts hidden deep within this wash.  The desert conceals her beauty & memories well, but my eyes are more open to her secrets now.

I have always enjoyed the outdoors & “saw”  its beauty, but admittedly I was a bit stingy with my compliments to nature in my adolescence.  I loved green, lush, mountainous lands…& might have acknowledged beauty in the desert, especially in unusual rocks or a glowing sunset…but a countryside of this?

[David Finch]

Land spotted in jade, olive & lime is not just a field of tri-colored sage brush; it is expansion & space.  It is something to be cherished.  The sparseness & simplicity  of the desert is austere & alluring.

Raw.  Exposed.  Unrelenting.

Defiant.  Pure.  Beautiful.

Now I truly see it, revel in it & realize how beautiful my home is & how fortunate I was to grow up there…because of what it has taught me, continues to teach me & because I can continue to explore & relish in it.


Is your hometown ordinary or beautiful to you?

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§ 8 Responses to Awakened to Her Beauty

  • Dina says:

    Interesting question. While my hometown in itself is split because I grew up in two different places it is still interesting. Growing up and playing in the woods (which now, are smaller and covered with houses) led me to confidence in exploring the outdoors myself. The small stream where we’d walk our dog would freeze and my friends and I would slide on it, seeing who would fall first in our winter boots. Those memories of home still reside with me today when I ski through powdery trees at Alta or walk through the forest. So sure, it’s a beautiful place, the most beautiful I’ve ever seen though is another woodsy place….similar but on a much grander scale, Glacier National Park and probably Alta UT in the summer when the wild flowers fill the landscape with vivid colors! That to me is pure heaven!!

    • Allie says:

      Isn’t it great that we still play outdoors? 🙂 I love how your childhood games transferred into your current passions. We have not made it to Glacier National Park yet, but it is surely on our list…as is Yosemite. The wildflowers near Alta are beautiful.

  • Please compliment Dave on the picture of the car for me, it’s gorgeous!
    My home has always been beautiful to me (a farm) but the actual town has taking me years to fully see the layers of beauty with in it.

    • Allie says:

      [Thank you, from Dave.] Didn’t that photo turn out amazing. I couldn’t believe it. I loved hearing about your hometown & the farm over Christmas. Peeling back the layers is a beautiful part of the process.

  • Natalie says:

    I think my hometown is beautiful. Many mornings when I’m driving to campus and the sun is rising and the whole sky is pink…it’s incredible! More often than not I look around and feel thankful to be surrounded by beauty.

    Dave’s photography is amazing!

    • Allie says:

      That is such a beautiful way to start your day. Mmm, wait till you see AZ sunsets. Appreciating the beauty that surrounds us is….oh, one of the things that makes life so much better.
      Thank you, from Dave.

  • I grew up on the top of a mountain in Southern NY and I loved it. I loved hiking through the woods, walking up creek beds, swimming in the ponds. I loved all the green and nature and simply being.

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