Agencies & “Bombs”

5 Wed, 2011 § Leave a comment

I feel silly I did not think of this sooner, but a lot of people do not consider going through a staffing agency.  Monday I had an interview & assessment with Performance Staffing in Flagstaff; by 10:00 the next morning, they had placed me!  As of 8am tomorrow, that is where I will be.  It is actually with the same company my husband works for, though mine is a temporary position.

I highly recommend looking into a staffing agency to anyone out there who might be having a difficult time finding a job.

I actually really love that it is temporary work for the time being — who knows what may develop from it — because now I do not feel the stress of accepting the first offer I receive for something permanent.  It is also great while I am determining my schedule for school.

Things are finally seeming to settle & fall into place.  Flagstaff is starting to feel like home & not a transient resting point.  I am excited to embrace this town & offer what I can in return.

Maybe seed bombs?

Ever heard of a seed bomb?  While it is quite revolutionary, they are not necessarily new.  I guess the concept arose in the 70s, but recently Daniel Phillips & Kim Karlsrud completely revitalized the concept in a simple yet radical way.  Old gumball machines!

This is so cool.  You just need to watch the video [which I could not get to embed 😦 so just click on the photo below] & hear about it from them.  I want one here & am definitely looking into how I can make that happen.


Today I marveled as I was driving along the freeway to reach crosstown.  The fact I was completely surrounded by trees & that it was not obvious I was still “within” the city struck a deep chord.  Ever since my first glimpse Flagstaff has always meant trees.

A bit more greenery while strengthening the sense of community wouldn’t hurt though, right?


Ever heard of seed bombs?  Do you have any of the “gumball machines” in your city?

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