Fingerling “Fries”: Unlikely Road Food

28 Tue, 2010 § 5 Comments

In an attempt to deter Dave from a fast food stop on our way out of town last Wednesday, I tried to meet any french fry cravings that would arise with these.

I drizzled fingerling potatoes with olive oil & sea salt, wrapped them in foil & baked ~1 hour at 400*F.  I unwrapped the top to let them crisp slightly for another 15 – 20 minutes.

What made these really special was the squeeze of fresh lemon juice over the top before wrapping the foil back up to keep them warm for the drive.

They were quickly devoured — before we were even out of Flagstaff — so I’d say success, though his were accompanied by a couple gas station hot dogs.  😛  I enjoyed my share with a new favorite combo: quinoa cooked with fennel, dried apricots, oj & sage, tossed with almond meal for added crunch texture & flavor.  LOVE THIS. It could have used a little more sage, so once I perfect it, I’ll share a recipe.

Speaking of unlikely food, I want to create an easy, minimal “recipe” [note]book for my younger brother.  You see, he is leaving on a mission for the LDS church next month.  I won’t see him for 2 years!  You can imagine how much I am going to miss him, but I am also excited for him to be out “on his own” & experience something new [like the big city].

I want to send him a small notebook with some simple meals he can make, & I need your help!  I can’t go too far with my “weird” food — but I want him well-fed & nourished — so I need to be realistic with healthy, [whole food] dishes I could expect a 19-year-old boy out on his own for the first time to actually make.  I am including these fingerling potatoes…how to bake a potato in general…the basics of cooking rice…pasta with pre-made sauce…then I’m stumped, so I need your ideas!  Keep in mind, his meals need to be quick, inexpensive & likely use only a single pot/pan.  I thought batches [like chili] would be great, but he probably won’t have containers to store food in for later meals.  I just might have to send him GladWare every time he moves.  Did I already mention he’s 19?  I did?  Well, it’s a pretty crucial point.  Since talking to Dave about this, I have realize I am quite awful at brainstorming simple meals a teenage guy would make.

Willing to help me?

[I sure hope you say yes.]





oh yeah, they should probably be Tasty too.



Thanks in advance for helping me with this. 😉  In return, I will give you details for that quinoa dish pronto.

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§ 5 Responses to Fingerling “Fries”: Unlikely Road Food

  • tempusflits says:


    Take an English muffin. Spread yellow mustard on it or katchup if you prefer. Top with a small bit of ground beef. Toss under a broile and cook until done. (Oddly, it takes quite a while for that beef to cook.)

    Could also make mini-pizzas, of course, from English muffins.

    • Allie says:

      Brilliant! This sounds like something he would totally make. When I asked what his favorite foods are he said…”breakfast”. 😀

  • Couscous is always a good, easy, quick grain choice! Add some veggies, olive oil, and vinegar and you can make a salad! Or you can add pine nuts and spices. Dress it anyway you like really!

    Does he have a blender?? I have a ton of yummy healthy smoothie recipes I can send you! 🙂

    • Allie says:

      Couscous is smart! He might actually really like it too. I doubt he will have a blender. They are usually pretty limited in what they find at the missionary apartments & since he will be moving semi-often, having a lot of extra stuff to lug around is a pain…but I wouldn’t mind a smoothie recipe or two. 😉

  • Allie says:

    Thank you so much for the ideas ladies!

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