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Om  Shanti  Shanti  Shanti

I cannot help myself during this time of year.  I always have the urge to end correspondences [letters, emails, cards] with this mantra.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Peace Peace Peace

Each shanti, or peace, is chanted in response to three distinct “disturbances“.




Maybe it is because this festive time of year becomes so noisy & frenzied that I hope those I love — all people actually — take the time to find quiet, nurture what truly matters & embrace utter happiness.

I truly do love you, my friends who stop by my little blog, & feel a closeness that is at the same time strange [because we do not actually know each other] & wonderful [because it is still real].

So this season — & the remainder of your lives — may you find

Peace in the World.

Peace Without.

Peace Within.

Peace, beautiful Peace.

with love, Allie

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