Chickpea & Townhome Promises

17 Fri, 2010 § 7 Comments

I promised a friend I would post a recipe for roasting chickpeas as soon as we settled into our new place.  One problem: apparently I didn’t bring any pots.  Not one.  I think I had this “plan” of saving packing room & getting a nice set of stainless steel ones once we had moved.  Since I prefer cast-iron skillets, I don’t need a full set; but, it is a little more difficult to find pot-only sets than I had anticipated…plus there’s the issue of the “budget” I mentioned Wednesday.

Looking over our week’s menu, not having a single pot was going to be a dilemma for more than just cooking chickpeas.  Fortunately, I found a stainless steel stock pot on a great sale at Sears — only $8!

Phew!  Close one!

So far, it has worked wonderfully — even if it’s been a little tricky having only one pot in the kitchen, but I’m crafty like that 😉 & now we can finally roast chickpeas!

Now, this isn’t exactly a “recipe”, because you don’t really need one.  These are simple, versatile & should be made to suit your own taste; but I think I have the cooking method down after trying several different oven temperatures.

I have made these with everything from garlic salt & savory herbs to spicy cayenne to Indian spices to smokey paprika [probably my second favorite] to sweet, warming spices like cardamon & cinnamon.

My favorite way to have these though is simple, classic olive oil & sea salt.

Soak dried chickpeas overnight [you’ll want at least 1 cup — they shrink back down after roasting] & cook, covered, in simmering water with kombu 2.5 – 3 hours until just cooked [they don’t have to be extremely soft because you are going to bake them].


Drain & rinse canned garbanzo beans/chickpeas for convenience.

Preheat oven to 375*F.

Spread cooked or canned chickpeas out on a rimmed baking sheet.

Drizzle with olive oil [~1T] & toss/shake the pan around.

Sprinkle with sea salt to taste or seasonings of choice & toss again.

Roast chickpeas for 45 – 60 minutes, watching closely & shaking every 15 – 20 minutes to promote even roasting.  You might have to rotate your baking sheet as well since the back of the oven is often hotter.  Cook until they are golden & start to split open.  They will “crisp” up more as they cool, so don’t overcook.

These protein-&-fiber-packed snacks are delicious tossed over salads, with trail mix or just eaten by the handful.  It’s a great change up from the usual movie night popcorn too!



Here’s a little something extra for anyone who is curious.  I hate taking such plain photos [with the flash no less], but I promised Ashley simple, snapshots of our layout.  Here’s a little downstairs tour

We weren’t able to get a townhome with a fence after all. 😦  Maybe it wouldn’t have been worth the extra $30/month…(sigh), we’ll never know.

As you walk inside, you are met by the stairs, but we’re not going up there today. 😉

The carpet isn’t that brown.  It looks awful in the photo, but it’s closer to taupe.

There is a nice coat closet to the right of the front door.  See how the hooks hang inside & backwards?  That’s how all of the “rods” are throughout the house.

When facing the stairway, if you turn right, you are in the living room,

which has a large window on that right wall…& doesn’t house much other than our camp chairs currently. 🙂

It’s a pretty small space.  I’m sure we’ll really feel that once the piano is in here.  Homey, we’ll call it. 😉

If you go left of the staircase, you would be in the dining area,

& view our sole holiday decorations [for the time-being].  There are french doors on the left wall,

& a bar opposite these.

I really like the bar & am excited for it to not look like a mess.

Around the bar.

Across from the stove.

The rest of the kitchen.

A nifty little broom closet next to the fridge, perfect for the garbage can.  [That’s my kitchen laundry bag hanging on the door.]

I love the pantry that faces the fridge & broom closet, & it’s not too deep — I basically had to dive into our former one to retrieve anything from the back.

If you go past the pantry & closet, there is a half bath which leads into the utility room with the W/D hookups.  This might be a great space for Dave’s work bench.  Bodhi’s litter box is in there around the corner, & his crate is in the doorway [because we forgot the kiddie gate] to deter Eisley from enjoying canine “Almond Roca” [cat poop].  Yeah, my pup is gross, but your dog would like it too. 😉

So there you have it…even if you all didn’t ask for it.

Happy Friday 🙂


I think the best part will be decorating & expressing our personalities in a new space.  What’s your favorite thing about moving into a new place?

Ever tried roasting chickpeas?  Which seasonings do you like/think you would like best?

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§ 7 Responses to Chickpea & Townhome Promises

  • Tes says:

    Ummmm the chickpea looks really delicious and simple. It sounds like a healthy snack 🙂

  • Julia says:

    What a cute place! I hope you’ll show us how you decorate! Decorating is always my favorite part of moving – trying to figure out where to put furniture and where to hang our rather large collection of artwork (I’m only 24 where did I get all this stuff!)
    I can’t wait to try roasting chickpeas, and I LOVE a good crunch, so they sound like a perfect snack!

    • Allie says:

      We can’t wait to decorate! It will be fun to post photos & give me a different type of photography to work on. I would LOVE to have a large collection of artwork!
      I’ve missed reading updates! Hope finals are going well & can’t wait to read a new post from you. 🙂

  • Natalie says:

    YES! Thank you for posting this. So, I’ve never used dried beans (gasp, right??) and I”m totally scared to! I’m going to try these tomorrow with the dried garbanzos I have and I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

    Your house is so cute and will feel very homey once you make it “yours”.

  • […] was downstairs.  Here’s a little look at the […]

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