I Think We Should Be Naughty…for Breakfast

28 Sun, 2010 § 7 Comments

This post is supposed to be a cure for our post celebration dinner bangover  [ask Rachel what that means], but honestly we woke up feeling amazing.  We spent the morning singing songs about Eisley to the tune of Beach Boy’s Run, Run Reindeer — instigated by Dave of course — while she ran around the baseball field.

Apparently we were in good humor.

Obviously we are comfortable enough to be silly with each other — we certainly should be after nearly 5 years.

Apparently we are not past the point of wanting to be silly with each other.  🙂  We never plan to be past it, because we make a point of being silly…I think we should make a point every day.

After our morning walk, I was desperate for something naughty…but not too naughty.

I wanted delicious…but not a lot of effort.

Fortunately, I had planned ahead & incorporated dinner leftovers into breakfast.

You all just gagged, didn’t you?

Stay with me; I’m not going to lure you to the dark side…even though steamed kale with ginger & real garlic toast is one the best breakfasts ever…I don’t think you’re ready.

So we’ll go slow.

Remember the sweet potato gnocchi I made by hand?  I roasted extra sweet potatoes for breakfast.

Then I remembered the best crust ever & knew Thanksgiving would not be complete without pie.

Pie makes everything better…or even better.

This one is indulgent but still seems healthy.

The pecan & chickpea flour crust is rich & creamy & lends an amazing texture & taste;  it complements the silky smooth & rich filling superbly.  This is probably my favorite pie crust ever — this is probably my favorite pie.

This Silky Sweet Potato Pie is from one of my favorite & most often used cookbooks, Clean Food by Terry Walter’s. I don’t feel ok posting her recipe, but am more than happy to email it to anyone who would like to try it — & I really think you should because it’s so good & so simple.  If you’ve never made pie & are a little intimidated, this is a great one to start with.  I promise.  Just send me a message & you can be a little naughty in the morning too.

I easily could have devoured this pie alone, but I thought we needed at least a little protein to follow our workout.  I still had a couple spoonfuls of the best greek yogurt; so before taking a little hiatus from dairy, I thought this would be the perfect way to finish it off.

After the Green Tea Cashew Cream, I’m a little obsessed with infusing tea into food.  So it was time to play around with Dave’s favorite tea, Chai.

Chai Greek Yogurt

  • Fage or other greek yogurt [I only had ~¼ C but use more if you have it!]
  • substantial dash of cheater’s chai
  • agave or other sweetener, to taste

Combine all ingredients to taste & whip until smooth.

Cheater’s Chai

Equal parts:

  • ground Cardamon
  • Chinese five spice powder or Garam Marsala


I used Chinese five spice which had much more of a fennel taste than I was expecting. This also packed a little heat! It was still good, but if you’re not a huge fan of black licorice, I would go with garam marsala.

What?  More tea?

I told you I’m obsessed.

I actually stirred several pinches of one of my favorite teas into the pie filling.

Rooibos [roy-bos] is extremely high in antioxidants, caffeine-free & low in tannin.  It can even help with allergies & digestive issues…& it’s yummy.

Dave didn’t pick up on it; it added only a very subtle, sweet, earthy flavor to the pie.  I wonder what would happen if you steeped it with the milk before blending the filling.   Mmmm, now I’m craving more pie.

Aren’t you? 😉


What’s your favorite pie?  I’m not a huge cake fan in general, but I LOVE pie.

What’s your favorite “naughty” breakfast?


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