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29 Fri, 2010 § 4 Comments

I am in love with Tea`d Oats

& this combination is my favorite so far.

Ambrosia Plum [from zhena’s gypsy tea] with cranberries, almond butter & hemp seeds.

The subtly sweet & flowery strawberry leaves, rose pedals & plum of the tea is nicely contrasted with the ever-so-tart,  apple-sweetened cranberries.

I made it just like my [honeybush]brewed blueberry oats here, which I forgot to mention that I added 1T ground flaxseed toward the end of cooking the oats.

My next bowl will likely be “brewed” in a nice gingerbread rooibos…I wish I hadn’t just finished off the rest of my dried figs today


Different Breakfasts: Fun!  Different Lifestyle: FUN!  Different Workouts: fun?

I am missing my gym in SLC.  Formerly a hater of weight training, now I am devoted…& without my quad press, rowing machine, vast selection of dumbbells & other various gym assets that were once taken for granted. 😦

Now, I am trying to find the right workout combinations & exercises I can do at home for similar “weight-resistant” results.  I love Tabata-style HIIT [high intensity interval training] centered around bodyweight exercises [like burpees, mt climbers, etc].  Holly talks about HIIT & its benefits here, which I can absolutely vouch as being right on; but I have found if I only do these, I sort of plateau in strength & definition.

Typically my upper limb day at the gym was a predictable makeup of curls, extensions & focus on rotator cuff & deltoid muscles.

I feel good about the at-home upper limb workout adaption I did Tuesday & am confident I can continue variations on this with good results.

[You can find my daily workouts on “the way she moves” page.]

  1. “super set” 3×10
  2. Infra Ext. Rotation with resistance band
  3. Supra Abduction [side extention] with resistance band
  1. Bicep Curl with resistance band 3×10
  2. Chin Ups 3×10
  1. Tricep Plank ~51 seconds
  2. Tricep Push Ups 3×10
  3. Skull Crushers 10# 3×10
  1. Core “super set” 3x
  2. Laying Leg Lifts with 8# medicine ball x10
  3. Reverse Crunch & Butt Lift x15
  1. “super set” 3×10
  2. Tin Cans 5#
  3. Anterior Delt. Internal Rotations 2#

I am worried about my lower limb workout though [as well as rhomboids & chest] & already feel I am losing definition.

My back should be fine with all the pull ups & climbing I am doing right now.  Dave had a couple ideas for chest, plus I do a lot of push ups.  Hamstrings I can stress enough with yoga ball curls & one-legged squats…I can probably figure something out for calve lifts…but my quads sure miss the press machine at the gym.  I am just not sure how I am going to stress them enough with resistance.

Biking more is the first thing that comes to mind.  Since I am not currently bike-commuting [like I was in SLC], my pedal time can be fun time & training time again rather than just travel time.  I just need to find some nice, sustained climbs to get the burn going.

Yesterday morning, Dave & I found some fun “roller coaster” hills.  They were short though & needed a second lap to really feel the burn. The first time through & back, I geared down & kept the revolutions smooth & quick.  The second time, I kept it in high gears & pushed through standing climbs, still keeping it smooth but wanting to power through.

I think if I find some nice long climbs, I will gain that definition back & build strength in my legs again.  I would like to aim at cycling ~2 – 3 Xs a week.  DB[dumbbell] Swings are another good full-body exercise that really engage the quads.  I also have a couple resistance bands I can incorporate into exercises, & there is a YMCA in town [~20mi away] we can drop in for a day pass occasionally.

Any advice or tips [quads, chest, rhomboids especially] would really be appreciated!


After biking, I had a strange craving.  This may sound weird & reminiscent of a “Janetha combination” — which I totally get by the way — but it was so good & just what my body wanted.

Buttery Pinto Beans & Basil Cottage Cheese Open-Face

You know I generally stick to plant-based eating, but I have been having cottage cheese cravings this week & am a fan of listening to my body.  Cottage cheese & greek yogurt usually sit better with me than other dairy — it must be the probiotics that aid in digestion — so we will just have to see what happens.

I heated & mashed leftover pinto beans with earth balance & spread it over a toasted Ezekiel english muffin.  Stirring together basil & cottage cheese, I topped that over the beans & added a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper.


As anyone tried the tea`d oats yet?  Any fantastic combination I should try next?

What are your favorite at home workouts?  Any tips on how I can get more “weight-resistance” type workouts [ie muscle building] in with limited weights?

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  • I am loving HIIT right now (and the bodyrock.tv workouts) but it’s definitely not the only thing I do. I run and do yoga as well. My running group coach recommends biking for working on the quads since running primarily works the hammies.

    I used to make my oatmeal using tea but haven’t done so in a long time. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Allie says:

      I’m a bodyrock fan but have found myself creating my own HIIT workouts more & more tailored to my performance goals. I absolutely love yoga & need to find a studio. I like to run occasionally but I’m more of a cyclist for sure. 😉 Let me know what tea combination you love with your oats.

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