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Quaint boutiques & shops; cozy, local cafes & restaurants; & trendy outdoor gear stops inhabit the narrow streets of downtown Flagstaff.

Our first impression:


It feels like a “young” town

with spirit.

Granted we only experienced a slice of this city & there is still much more to see, but we like it.  The sparse traffic & obvious bike lanes make for a friendlier pedal commute & everyone seems to love dogs [it could just be Eisley — she’s pretty lovable — I think I will make a lot of friends with her help ;)].

No city is perfect, but it is nice to see a community that is leaning toward eco-friendly practices rather than moving away from it…

& musicians whose songs warm the chilly October air — I love this.

I am definitely not above stalking out the lovely violinist serenading one of the corners of San Fransisco Street. 😉

The only time during the day we sort of raised our eyebrows & 😦 :

The indoor climbing gym, which looks just ok [the bouldering section is small], is $$$.  Day pass = $16 & it will cost Dave & I $200 just to get a membership — that does not include the membership fee each month!

Good thing the outdoor bouldering ROCKS.  We only touched the boulders in one area on Saturday at Priest Draw, & even though my tummy & core did not feel that great, I connected with the style.  We played on a beautiful, horizontal roof, & I am anxious to go back.  I was more concerned with having spotters than photographers, but I cannot wait to show you bouldering photos — soon!

So why did we leave our jobs in Utah & move to Arizona?    What made us leap without much of a safety net?

We wanted a fresh start in a new area where we could embrace our passions.  We are not interested in “waiting” to live, working 20+ years, banking on retirement to finally have “the time” & a chance to live like we have always envisioned.  One of those visions is traveling & experiencing new places, even if it means living simply.

Simple & happy — that is our intention.  We are figuring out the basic needs & luxuries we cannot live without & those we can.  We are embracing life & the aspects that truly enhance the experience rather than distract from it.

How often do you find yourself looking forward to the weekend?  Tired of yearning for the weekend to come & watching the weeks fly by [is it October already?], we changed our perspective & actions to look forward to each day.

Life is Now.


Have you ever made a drastic life change you knew would bring you happiness even if it seemed “risky” in the conventional sense?

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  • cjfenton says:

    I really empathise with what you say here,great post.

  • Aby says:

    First of all, I LOVE Flagstaff, and pretty much everywhere else in Arizona. Two of my favorite areas are Tucson and Sedona. If I were to pick one place to just up and move, it would definitely be Arizona.

    Second, I really admire what you guys are trying to do. There are times when I just look around, realize how much crap I’ve accumulated, and have the sudden urge to purge. But I also like stuff, and I’m okay with that!

    The question that I like to ask people is: If you were in a fire, what would you grab and take with you? For me it would be my cat, and my scrapbooks (DH can take care of himself). Now, it would hurt A LOT to leave all of my books behind, but those are replaceable. That’s what makes me okay with liking stuff – the fact that when it comes right down to it, the things that I would really care about losing would be the things that are irreplaceable.

    Anyway, glad you’re enjoying Arizona, and really wish I could be there, too, instead of heading into the dreaded Michigan winter!

    • Allie says:

      I love the fire question — Dave & I have had our own conversations about that. I like your perspective on being ok with “liking stuff”. I haven’t made it to Tucson yet, but love Sedona — so beautiful — we are really excited about Flagstaff. Uh, Michigan, that doesn’t sound appealing. Let me know if you ever head to AZ again. 🙂

  • LC says:

    Hey there! I found your blog from Project Tasteless, and wanted to drop you a note and say I went through Flagstaff on my drive out to Cali from DC, and we LOVED it. We were only there for one night, but the food, people, and area was awesome (especially after less-than-steller Las Cruces, NM). I really want to go back to do white water rafting! Congrats on your win 🙂

    • Allie says:

      I am so glad you found me — nice to meet you — we are so excited about Flagstaff 🙂 My best friend lives in DC. You should let me know if you ever come to raft! Thanks for the congrats.

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  • Julia says:

    Flagstaff sounds amazing! And I can’t wait to hear about your bouldering and see pics! Sorry about the expensive gym and not great bouldering room. The one my hubs and I just joined also had a $100 initiation fee, plus the monthly costs, which were discounted for a couple’s membership, but still aren’t cheap.
    I admire the decision you made to uproot so that you were able to live the lifestyle that you and your husband want to live.

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