Take a Walk with Me

14 Thu, 2010 § 2 Comments

Baby quail have always scampered around the homes Dave & I have shared in Salt Lake.  Their bobbing antennae never fail to make me smile.  I feel at home as they scurry across mine & Eisley’s paths every morning.

The last two weeks, all I have wanted is a photo.


too small, too skittish, too speedy

That did not stop me from savoring these last walks in SLC though —

& the geese never fear to strike a pose.

It is a refreshing way to greet the day as Eisley & I walk every morning before breakfast.

I delight in experiencing the subtle changes as the seasons transition.  It intensifies my desire to surround myself with actual nature rather than “urban gardening” [meaning the perfectly outlined plots of grass & cement-“potted” trees].

The signs of others embracing their relationships with the earth brightens my day as well.

Evening strolls are equally cherished & shared with Dave.

After dinner, we walk through the neighborhood together before feeding Eisley.

While courting [I always want to use that word], Dave & I walked often along the river, sharing stories as we learned about each other & bonded.

Adopting Eisley reignited this activity, giving us a leisurely pastime to do in the evenings & providing a medium for some of our most reflective & powerful conversations.  It is a time to bond further, deepen our relationship & avoid falling into the TV vortex.


The world is beautiful, & our life is beautiful.

I hope we always remember & embrace this…wherever our path leads us.

I hope you know this as well…wherever you may be in life.


§ 2 Responses to Take a Walk with Me

  • Sara says:

    I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to let you know that I love the vibrancy of all your photos. the colors and emotions you capture are so real. love your message and look forward to more great reads.

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