59 Days.

27 Mon, 2010 § Leave a comment

If we were counting down.

Which I am not.

But if we were,

we still have 59 days…

& while my thoughts have not been of the traditional turkey with stuffing & mashed potatoes, my mind has been dancing toward Thanksgiving none-the-less,

with 59 days to go.  😉

Dave & I might enjoy our own intimate dinner this year.  While we would greatly miss the usual extended-family celebrations, tailoring our own unique dining experience to our tastes & eating habits is more than a little appealing.  We love creating our own traditions together, & I have always wanted to observe Thanksgiving dinner in a very particular way.  My premature & billowing excitement may lie in the possibility of planning it in just the way I have always wanted.

[Sorry to tease 😉 I will share more details in coming posts.]

Currently my mind is consumed by various dishes we could make, which I am anxious to share as well as read ideas from you & learn what your celebrations entail.

This week, in the spirit of Thanksgiving anticipation, I made pie

with this phenomenal crust.

My first experience with chickpea flour, & I must say I. Am. A. Fan.

It is rich & creamy, lending amazing texture & taste to complement the filling:

[not-so]Silky Sweet Potato

This pie is from Terry Walter’s Clean Food which, with its plethora of delicious meals, constantly strengthens my resolve to prepare simple & seasonal food.  Much of my Thanksgiving brainstorming is coming from her book.  I also read [directly from her fingertips] her newest book, Clean Start, will be out November 2nd!

Terry is not exaggerating when she boasts the chickpea flour, pecan-infused crust becomes much more than a simple shell for a delicious filling.  Oh, the possibilities.

This sweet & savory pie, meant as more of a side dish, is dessert worthy indeed.  Dave seemed to love it, & since he is not a fan of pumpkin pie — gasp! yes, tragic, I know 😦 — this may make a superb alternative.

Terry’s creation is perfect & does not need any tweaking.  My only variations: I did not puree the sweet potatoes but simply mashed & mixed, hence the “not-so-silky”, but I liked the bit of texture [& did not think my small food processor would handle 3 sweet potatoes] & it was actually still pretty silky.  I also did not realize I was out of Agar flakes; but since the recipe calls for only 1 tsp, I just added an extra tsp of Arrowroot powder, which seemed to work just fine.

In keeping with my spirit of Thanks: after a moment of angst yesterday, I am thankful for Toyota FJ’s high quality roll-cage & durability.  It is amazing when things work — & hold up — as they should.  I am grateful our friend is alive today.


What are you thankful for today?

Is anyone else already thinking about Thanksgiving?

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