Lavender Pasta

1 Wed, 2010 § Leave a comment

Throw me in the lavender fields of Mona along I-15, & I am in heaven.  This is my favorite stretch of highway mid-to-late summer.  I am extremely fond of this lovely, soothing plant.  Its fragrant oil goes in everything from homemade shampoo to lemon-vinegar cleaning spray to massage & body oils..I love the petals in chocolate, teas…I have even used it to make shortbread cookies.  

But pasta? I never would have thought.

Apparently, rosemary & lavender are fairly interchangeable.  The key is to use it sparingly…to enhance your dish with its subtle sweet, woodiness…otherwise, it tastes like soap.  😛

Now I must confess: the title is a lie; I used rosemary in this dish.  I have good reason though.  On hand, I have dried lavender & my own pot of fresh rosemary.  It would be a crime not to use fresh herb now, just before summer’s end.  I really want to make this dish with lavender — & I hope that is how you will try it.

Have I mentioned Dave loves pasta? 😉

Obviously, I am always on the lookout for lighter pasta dishes we both enjoy.  One secret: I usually add more vegetable than pasta.

This made about 3-4 small servings or 2 large servings:

  • In boiling water, cook 2-3 servings of a short pasta [we used casarecce, but bow tie are so cute in this], reserving some of the cooking water.  Under cook it a bit so you can add it to the pan of cooking vegetables later.
  • Meanwhile, in a food processor, shred one of each:
  • Carrot, Baby Zucchini, Red Pepper
  • Saute 1-2 crushed garlic [no press necessary! Use the back of a knife] in EVOO on med heat until fragrant.
  • Add shredded vegetables to pan, along with sea salt & a couple lavender petals — you can always add more, but it is difficult to take out.  Use more rosemary than you would lavender.
  • Saute until vegetables wilt — about 4 minutes depending on stove — do not forget to taste!  Do you need more lavender?  Or to add other herbs?
  • Add pasta to vegetables along with reserved water if needed [I did not need to add liquid; the shredded vegetables retained enough moisture] for a minute or so to heat through.
  • Such a light, pretty & satisfying dish!

I have been meaning to plant lavender in our little “frontyard” zen garden for some time now.  This dish might just be the motivation to make it happen sooner than later.

Happy September 🙂

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