Sometimes it’s ok to Eat Mac-n-Cheese

20 Fri, 2010 § Leave a comment

Straight from the stove. 😛

Ok, I did not really eat it from the stove, but I did have mac & cheese a` la Dave last night.  Gasp 😮

I often use Mac-N-Cheese as an example of the modern-day disconnect people have with the food they eat.  It is also one of Dave’s favorite comfort foods.  We weened him from Kraft fairly easily years ago, & now he enjoys not-exactly-nutritious-but-certainly-less-bad-for-you Amy’s brand.  Even if it still is what it is — macaroni & cheese — at least it is organic, made with whole grains, contains no additives & apparently comes in a dairy-free version, which Dave picked up [or so he thought] with me in mind.

Since I normally do not partake in the M & C goodness, it is usually reserved as weekly Guys’ Night post-tennis, pre-zombie-killing fuel.  When I walked into the kitchen last night & was thoughtfully informed that he had left the additional grated cheese off so I could have some, how could I say ‘no’?

Is it lame how sweet I found Dave’s sans cheese gesture?  It had me smiling all night between spoonfuls of creamy noodles.

It was not bad; kind of tasty in its own way, especially amped up with Wild Planet’s tuna*.

No need to worry: this is not going to become a staple in my diet, & I balanced it out with a beautiful, fresh salad.

You should know these are the best strawberries from a local grower in the area.  If you know anyone with a strawberry patch, snatch kindly ask to trade goods or services for a bushel of their berries.  You will not be sorry.  Oh, & I love that people always go for the BIGGEST berries, because the tiniest & darkest are always the sweetest.  More for me. 😉

So…yesterday was supposed to be an uber clean eating day with lots of vegetables only…now I have had pasta twice this week…& my tummy let me know it was actually not dairy-free [it grumbled all night].  Do I feel guilty?  Yes. No. A little.  It is ok to leave some wiggle room in our dietary convictions & not be crazy intransigent or hard on ourselves, which carries its own risks.  Yes, actions become habits, but bending occasionally to appreciate something more truly has its place in life.

As I ate my salad, I was consumed by how blessed I am to have access to fresh, locally-grown produce.  I could not stop thinking about raiding my mother’s garden in a couple weeks.  I loved how each flavor stood out — that even each strawberry was slightly different from the last — yet the entire dish mingled & complemented each other deliciously.

Did I feel as connected to my bowl of mac & cheese?  No, but I did feel connected to the hands that prepared it.

All & all, my venture into the box: worth it, & I survived.  🙂


Do you ever feel connected through the food that someone has so lovingly prepared for you [even if it is not your favorite dish]?  Or do we too often just quickly fill our tummies without giving thought to our hearts?

*After learning how most canned tuna is processed, I find it a shame consumers are led to believe this is a cheap & “healthy” source of food.  Wild Planet is sustainably-(poll & troll)-caught, hand-packed raw, cooked only once & not diluted with additional oil or water.  The end result is a more ethical product that retains more nutrients & all the naturally-occurring Omega 3.  Maybe it is not an ideal whole food, but a good option when you do not live near the coast.  Wild Planet is definitely not “cheap” either, so we do not have it all that often; because no draining is required, it has been a great protein choice for camping, hiking, etc.


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