Breaking Through the Facade

18 Sun, 2010 § 4 Comments

Without those lingering Demons, I feel like I can breathe.  The picture is clearer: I can really see my body; that “perfect image” I’ve pursued for so long doesn’t exist, & that’s okay.  Now that I’ve let go of harmful, unrealistic expectations that keep me down, I can focus on Strengths & put my energy into making Realistic goals.  Rather than stressing over getting to point B [my ideal] the fastest, I enjoy the daily steps that lead toward a healthier life:

  • Move Every Day.  Have fun & stay excited.  Not having fun yet?  You just haven’t found it yet; keeping looking.  Be adventurous with workouts — I love to challenge myself — & cross-train (for balance & injury prevention).
  • Listen to My Body — Love, Value & Nourish it.  My body does amazing things for me daily; appreciate every aspect of it & do only good things to & for it.
  • Eat Real Food.  Primarily eat plant-based foods, in their whole, natural form.  Stay away from processed & refined foods with additives.  Enjoy what you eat; this is crucial when developing good eating habits. Follow a healthy eating habit not a diet.
  • Do Not Compare Other Bodies.  I have just spent all this energy accepting my unique, realistic body; I don’t want to blur this image.  Every body is different.
  • Do Not Stress the Numbers: calorie counting, sizes, the scale, etc.  These are not true measurements of health.  Embrace the concept of Size “Healthy”.
  • Make my Body Good for Something [as Dave likes to phrase it].  “Actual capacity strengthens confidence; a facade is merely physical.” [Mark Twight]  When your primary focus is to be strong & fit — to be able to truly use your body — rather than just look good, your entire perspective & body image shift.  It’s beautiful.

Obviously, these expectations are specific to my approach, but I’ve tried to add general points that may be motivating to others.  I hope it makes you want to love your body & move it! 🙂

Be Realistic with your own Expectations.  Include your list in the comments below or on your own blog & link here.

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