Which Demons Sabotage Your Self Image?

14 Wed, 2010 § 1 Comment

I am ready to let go of mine.

Since my “Lat Episode“, I’ve been mulling over the expectations & standards I hold my self to & by which I judge my self image.

If only the media would back off…if only guys didn’t oogle over swim suit models…if women didn’t swoon over muscles…if someone hadn’t placed arbitrary numbers & sizes in our heads…We wouldn’t have to look a certain way.  What other excuses do we cling to ferociously?

There are always excuses though, right?  Someone else to blame for the way we view our bodies?  It is not my fault my self view is what it is.  Sorry.  It is; that’s included in the definition of self image.  We cling to these excuses & hold ourselves to unrealistic expectations.

I’m letting go.  Yikes.  Really?  It means I’m going to have to swallow a few things:

  • Mirrors are deceptive; my mind can play tricks.  I should never base my mood by the image I “see”.
  • My waist, from ribs to hip, is about 2 inches in length; that’s it.  No changing nature’s design.
  • I have a back baby–it’s strong–but combine that with narrow hips = broad upper body.  But it means I can do a pull up…& climb.
  • My arms may never be as slender & sculpted as I’d like.  I have muscle; I’m no twig.
  • I am small busted.  Period.  (What I can see is muscle & not rib though.)
  • Some endeavors are tough: revealing my six pack will take time & effort.  My core is strong, but my waist (& face) is the first to store & last to lose fat.  Just fact.
  • Dietary needs are transitional;  they change with season, age, activity level–even the day.  It is not reasonable to restrict myself with labels, but rather, listen to & provide my body with present needs.
  • I am not a predetermined-calorie-intake-machine, & I like food!  It’s absurd to think we come with a fixed, pre-specified, daily calorie limit; my caloric needs change day to day according to various factors such as activity level.  Besides, not all calories are created equal 😉

Now that it’s out there, I’m left with fewer excuses to cling to unproductive delusions & can accept realities.  I have only myself to hold me to these.

Your turn.  What unrealistic expectations are you holding?  Let go.  Post your own list below in the comments section or create one on your own blog & link it here.  I know it seems scary, but it’s liberating!  We’re one step deeper into loving ourselves.

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