Blog Update – Refresh Your [blog]Reader

15 Mon, 2011 § 4 Comments

You can find me posting at Colour Me Happy now.

Refresh your readers. 🙂


Like most people, I can get fixated on the destination or long-term pursuit: I want toner arms now; I want to climb a (Flagstaff) V5 now; I want a perfect forward fold now…  You get this, don’t you?  “I want [[fill in the blank]] now.”  I don’t know if it’s innately human or a product of social conditioning, but we are a society of instant gratification.  We like goals, but sometimes it’s difficult to see progress as it happens when our “want” looms just ahead.  Not only is it difficult to see the progress being made, but it can even be hard to give ourselves credit or acknowledge seemingly small growth — expecting ourselves to be “perfect” first.  I feel this way, even when blogging, which is just supposed to be a fun outlet.

A few weeks ago, I took a workshop focusing on basic HTML coding.  I loved this & have had so much fun playing with it.  Elise Blaha’s workshop was based on Typepad, so I decided I would “build” a blog there & transition over to it.  As much as I’ve enjoyed playing with HTML, playing in real life has been more of a priority; so the new blog is no where near where I want it yet.  Sometimes I feel that need to be or have things perfect before giving myself props or feeling qualified to share it with others.  But life is about the process, right?  We should allow ourselves to not only recognize it but praise ourselves along the journey — focus on the direction rather than some future destination.

So even though it’s “under construction”, I’ll give you a glimpse — or maybe I’ll just take the leap.

I have struggled with finding the flow of my blog (in many aspects!); I tend to let myself get pulled in multiple directions.  Colour Me Happy is where I will finally let myself escape the need to fit a niche & embrace/share the layers of my life: photography, the day-to-day, “nesting” posts, diy & travel, etc.  That being said, I am going to try using a separate space for my more “fitness”-based interests, such as climbing, training, injury prevention, anatomy, & eventually rehabilitative care.  It is not so much that I don’t think it “fits” with the rest, but it seems some of you are more interested in just talking shop, so you can subscribe or update your reader with my IDEAL FORM blog only if that is the case.  If not, I will still have a link to these posts on my main page. (I will include it soon.)

I am also a little attached to some of my older fitness posts, so I’m taking them with me.  I will be re-posting these, interspersed between new ideas & posts.  Maybe you missed these the first time around or will get something from revisiting — I am.  It is a great reminder to see how far I have come OR if I have let perpetual, unhealthy habits right back in.  It has been good for me to see these again, so I hope you gain something as well.  First up is my premiere into the blogging world & how I was dealing with a specific insecurity.


In a nutshell,

fitness only: go here.

for everything else: go here.

I still can’t believe people actually visit my pages.  It’s obvious I’m not the most dedicated or consistent blogger.  I found I enjoy posting most when I’m inspired, & I guess I’m not inspired every day or on a regular schedule.  The best way to keep up with me is to subscribe or just add Colour Me Happy to your Reader.  I don’t block my posts, so you should be able to read straight from your email if that’s your thing.

So…I’m just going to leap…& try not to make excuses…because maybe you’ll enjoy the ride with me & like seeing the changes as they happen. So don’t come here for new posts — I’m just going to do it — I’ll be at Colour Me Happy (as well as Ideal Form).

I’m actually out of town & have some fun road photos to share, so click on the one below to check them out.

July Musings

2 Tue, 2011 § 15 Comments

I like looking back over the month.  It’s interesting how our preferences, favorites & inspirations play out, ebb & flow.

Here is what’s been going on this time around.

~We’ve reinstated an old favorite: weekday date night/family nights.  (I never know what to call them.)  Each week, we alternate whose turn it is to plan; the day often differs.  Whether Dave treats me to the climbing gym, I work on his trigger points, we go on a photo hunt together or play cards, these evenings make me smile & force us to do something different to break up the week’s monotony & potential laziness.

~Rain.  More rain.  It is officially monsoon season.  It rains almost every day, but usually only for a couple hours in the afternoon.  You just get used to it & accept being wet if you want to do something.  Fortunately summer temperatures mean it dries up quickly, & we can still climb.  Oh, my hair has finally accepted it is just going to be an afro for the time being.  Strange to have humidity in AZ.

~I am supposed to be reading The Comedians.  Instead, I’ve been spending time at the library perusing the Netter’s Anatomy reference book.  Nerd!

~Bright colors make me smile.  I’m trying to fill our home (& my nails) with bright, cheerful colors.

~Fashion follows a 20-year cycle.  I am beyond ecstatic our haunt of the 80s should be over any day.  So what’s next?  The 90s…which I’m not that thrilled with BUT it means inspiration will also come from the 70s & 50s.  I’m swooning & also irritated at the whole disco-revolt-movement.  Why did they feel the need to burn so many should-have-been awesome vintage pieces?

~Speaking of, if you have any vintage scarves you want to send my way…I’m bringing this back.  I’ve been doing it lately.  Dave totally digs it.

~I am still too obsessed with Pinterest (obviously) & can get a little out of hand pinning the hours away.  I’m not just pinning though; I’m doing.  I am keeping a short list of diy projects I am currently working on — & actually working on them!  Of course, I made a board to keep track.

~My current favorite recovery smoothie add in: tahini, especially with fresh strawberries.  I have been hit or miss about adding kale (it isn’t always blending smoothly), so I’ve taken to adding a touch of chlorella.  The taste is intense, so I’m starting small (<tsp).  The tahini & strawberries are flavorful enough to cover any hint of sludginess though.  My recommended method of making the smoothie: have your husband do it.  Dave’s smoothies always taste so much better.  He must add love.

~I am infatuated with mini homes.  Super neat.

~Also excited about this.  One simple demand.  I agree.

~Thanks, Dave, for introducing me to Doghouse Diaries; this is a favorite — for all you dog lovers — but there are a lot of laugh-out-loud strips.  Other new reads I’m enjoying: Elise Blaha’s Enjoy It, Dee Construction, Marta Writes & In the Little Red House (which isn’t actually new so much as rediscovered).

~Not to rush fall along, but how perfect is this? (Thanks Aubrey)


What stood out about your July?  Also, what is on your iPod?  August needs some new tunes.


31 Sun, 2011 § 1 Comment

I wanted to do something in Sedona while the guys played a round of golf, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled to do it alone.  It wasn’t far into my hike though before I was embracing the time to be in my own head, tap into some creative energy, or just unplug & take the day in.  Besides, I wasn’t exactly solo; Eisley is my best little company.  I enjoyed the me time so much so, when Dave & Dylan joined us for a more extended hike, I lagged behind.  Ok, so the lagging primarily had to do with my sore (Chaco-rubbed) feet.

I still had fun chasing butterflies though.


I hope you enjoyed my Week in the Life as much as I enjoyed the challenge of doing it.


30 Sat, 2011 § 4 Comments

I forgot to take every day photos on Thursday…until the rainy ride home.

The rest of my night was pretty mellow; I just wanted to enjoy it with Dave & Dylan, our friend who is visiting.

At least I didn’t forget

to make yogurt biscuit & ask Dave to marinate the strawberries.

But then I forgot to post them, & yesterday I had other (outdoor) things on my agenda; so here it is well over a day late.

I think I’m pretty happy with some of Friday’s photos…which I’ll likely post Monday.  There is still the rest of my weekend to be had after all.

Ready?  Unplug on 3.

1  __ 2 __



28 Thu, 2011 § 3 Comments

A Week in the Life.

I have been fighting the blahs recently.  For some reason, the last two Wednesdays have been especially difficult.

But not yesterday.

Bright colors make me happy.

What we surround ourselves with has an amazing impact on our mood, so why not choose things that are bright & cheerful? — this goes for people too.



27 Wed, 2011 § 8 Comments

a week in the life.

here i am.


It has been rainy around here.  Dave’s bike ride into work was pretty wet & dirty.  He said it was awesome.  He had this Simon & Garfunkel song in his head the whole way.  It made my morning when he emailed it to me.  Sometimes we just have to make the most of a rainy day, remember what it’s like to be childlike & see the beauty & fun in the ordinary.  Just smile.

Because there’s nothing else to do but smile.



26 Tue, 2011 § 6 Comments

A Week in the Life.

Like I mentioned, this week I’m trying to take simple everyday photos, accurately depicting our days & lives right now.

Though we have less stuff filling our apartment than most, we still feel the need to reduce further from time to time.  Lately I’ve been consumed with purging, organizing & beautifying our home.  It’s not about going without but truly relishing in what we do have.

*photo taken of a clipping from Sunset Magazine August 2011 issue.


We do relish.

As much as I love being home, enjoying our little nest, experiencing life is life’s meaning.  Sometimes we need stuff  to do the things we love.  I love tackling the boulders with Dave once he’s off work.  It’s great to go out there with no expectations & then surprise yourself.

Yesterday was a good day.